BOXING: Sean McGlinchey throws hat in ring for Last Man Standing

DERRY middleweight, Sean McGlinchey has thrown his hat into the ring for the upcoming '˜Last Man Standing' professional boxing tournament at Dublin's National Stadium next March.

Thursday, 14th December 2017, 5:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th December 2017, 6:40 pm
Derry man, Sean McGlinchey is considering entering the upcoming Last Man Standing middleweight tournament in Dublin.

The Creggan southpaw believes his aggressive, come-forward style is perfectly suited for the ‘Prizefighter’ single elimination knockout concept which could land him E25,000 and a shot at the Irish middleweight title!

However, before committing to the Red Corner and Assassin knockout promotion, McGlinchey will sit down for talks with his manager and coach, Glenn McGrory before the December 31st deadline for entries.

McGlinchey who is currently 2-0 after eight months as a professional, is making his way back after sustaining a nasty training injury which left him temporarily without power on his left side and hospitalised for five days.

That ‘minor setback’ forced him to pull out of a proposed Celtic title fight and left him feeling extremely frustrated.

He’s now fully recovered and believes the ‘Last Man Standing’ show could be the perfect way to explode back on the domestic middleweight scene and fast-track his way up the rankings.

“When I saw the ‘Last Man Standing’ announcement I thought it was ideal for me,” said the 2014 Commonwealth Games bronze medalist.

“My last fight was supposed to be for a Celtic title - an eight rounder - so all my training has been geared towards the longer rounds. But I’m still capable of going in there and mixing it up for three rounds.

“Most amateur boxers are on the backfoot and moving where they look for a point and then they’re running. My style was always come forward but I can box and feel comfortable on the backfoot.

“Everybody knows I love a good tear up and there’s some nice names mentioned in there. There are some big names which would interest me to get my own name up the Irish rankings.”

Indeed, there has been lots of speculation surrounding those interested in competing with Roscommon’s Darren Cruise (8-6) and Dublin’s undefeated light-middleweight Bernard Roe (6-0) expected to submit their entries.

“I’m hearing Darren Cruise is interested,” confirmed McGlinchey. “He was beat by Luke Keeler in a close fight for the Irish middleweight title recently. He’s a big name and Bernard Roe who has good pedigree from amateur boxing as well.

“They’ve opened it up from light middleweight to just under super middleweight and there’s a few names from overseas who have Irish background, so there seems plenty of interest in it.”

Former Cruiserweight world champion, McGrory, who coaches McGlinchey at his Wild Atlantic Boxing Gym in Culdaff, is returning to Donegal in the coming weeks and the pair will sit and down and discuss their next move.

“I have to sit down and think about things with Glenn (McGrory),” he said.” I was out with a nasty injury, I had nerve damage, and was hospitalised for five days.

“So coming back from such a serious injury which kept me out of the ring for a couple of months. I’m only really back training recently so I’ll sit down with Glenn and see what he feels is the right move.”

Whatever they decide together, it’s hard not to be enticed by the financial incentives on offer for participating in the all-action tournament in Dublin. But it doesn’t come without its risks!

“Glenn has lots of experience in the game and with Prizefighter tournaments. It’s hard to go from training the longer rounds and adapting for that and then going back to the three rounds.

“It’s a risk as there will be a loss on your record if you lose one of the three rounders. Glenn’s commentated on Sky Sports Prizefighters throughout the years and knows the risks involved. But it will be a good tournament.

“You become mandatory for the Irish title which is good if you win. There are good incentives there. If you win the Irish title you go into the EU rankings.

“It’s a good stepping stone. I’m keen but Glenn will be advising me on what way we go forward, if we should skip it and go for the longer round fights.

“The closing date is December 31st so Glenn is back in the next two weeks and if we decide it’s for me, we will put my name forward and officially enter.”

“I’m not ruling myself out. I would put myself in there but Glenn wants to come back and have a look at my training and see how physically fit I am after my injury.

“He has to decide if I’m physically in shape and take into consideration my health after the injury.”