Experience was key to win - Carlin

DOIRE Trasna captain Eoghan Carlin said the triple disappointment of last season had been the driving factor behind the club’s first Championship win in the year it celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Michael Wilson reports

Twelve months previously the Waterside men went agonisingly close to a Championship and promotion double only to fall short to Ardmore, Limavady and Sean Dolan’s respectively. Such a setback would have been a bitter pill for even the most established club but the county’s youngest has used it as a springboard and they are determined to continue their upward spiral.

“Last year drove us on big time but we would have been the same anyway. You train to win, it is as simple as that,” explained Carlin.

“I think we learned from last year. We weren’t out for revenge as such, it was more about doing ourselves justice. We didn’t do ourselves any favours last year but experience is key to everything and you only get that experience when you are in the sort of situations we were last year. “Hopefully we can push on now in the next couple of years. We want to establish ourselves as an Intermediate team.”

Carlin is hoping Saturday’s victory is the first step on a road which will lead to Trasna finally gaining it’s own ground and establishing itself as a force in Derry football.

“We are desperate to get back to Intermediate football. It’s a better standard but also gives more chances to bring younger players through. I think if we get up we would do alright. We aren’t going to win anything but there is half a dozen teams we could beat on our day.

“The big thing for us as a club is to try and get the right facilities, it would be massive to get our own pitch. We have the core group of players who have been here for the 10 years and it would be no problem to have them playing for another 10 years.”

While most would see the last-gasp semi-final victory over Ardmore as the crucial game in Trasna’s season to date, Carlin believes the foundations for success were laid much earlier.

“We didn’t play well against Ardmore but we played well in the final against them last year and lost. It’s not about playing well all the time, it is getting through the game. The ‘monkey’ off our back was the Neal Carlin Cup win at the start of the season. If we hadn’t of won that boys would have doubted themselves - maybe not the senior players - but certainly some of the younger ones.

“It is important to have something to show the younger players. Young boys set out to play for enjoyment at the start but as you go along you have to be successful. Look at Tyrone, success breeds success, and it builds from there and brings people on board.

“We got that ‘monkey’ off our back at the start of the year, got into the Championship final and won it. Hopefully now we can complete the job in the league.”