Celtic fan's hilarious weight-loss Twitter prank goes viral - thousands fall for ruse on social media

The images of the two men included along with the Tweet. (Photo: @P_67/Twitter)
The images of the two men included along with the Tweet. (Photo: @P_67/Twitter)

A Celtic supporter's hilarious weight-loss prank went viral when it was published on social media last week.

The fan, known only as Paul, shared two side-by-side images of two men wearing Celtic jerseys on social networking website, Twitter.

The images implied they were of the same person both before and after losing eight stone in weight.

The images were accompanied by the following Tweet.

"Not really one for posting personal stuff on social media but I’m proud to say I’ve lost 8 stone in 8 months. Never give up," Tweeted Paul.

Hilariously, thousands of people fell for the trick and congratulated Paul on his remarkable weight-loss.

"Celtic fan or no - fair play man," replied one Glasgow Rangers supporter.

"Well done mate - awesome achievement. Share your secret as could do with losing a couple of stone myself," Tweeted one man.

The original Tweet had been liked more than 50,000 times and retweeted almost 2,500 times.