D.&D. Youth F.A. Challenge Racism, Sectarianism

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As part of the delivery of the Peace III funded ‘Football For All’ project, the Irish Football Association this week held a training workshop in Derry for members of the Derry & District Youth F.A., a volunteer driven organisation catering for more than 80 teams aged from 9 to 16 years.

The City based ‘Peace and Reconciliation Group’ (PRG) delivered a workshop on ‘How to deal with a sectarian/racist incident’ and focused on how a club or league may deal with these types of incidents if they arise while working with young people.

‘Food For Thought’

Derry & District Youth F.A. Chairman, Michael Hutton, said ‘The ‘Football for All’ workshop was proving very beneficial for the league and club representatives and those in attendance departed the session with “food for thought.”

The interactive session allowed participants to use scenarios based questions to identify what they might do if an incident were to occur within their club or league. The workshop also examined policies and procedures each club can put in place to help combat sectarianism and racism.

Michael Boyd, the Head of Community Relations at the IFA added: “I would like to thank the Derry & District Youth F.A. for their support of Football For All, helping to create a fun, safe and inclusive culture throughout the game. They are a community focused volunteer driven group showing real leadership mainstreaming and promoting respect for diversity through football.”

’Football for All’ staff are available to provide support and advice to any groups who wish to improve community relations through football, training workshops similar to one organised in Derry~Londonderry are available to other leagues or groups.

For more information please contact Claire Adams at cadams@irishfa.com or Sarah Keys in the North-West at skeys@irishfa.com