DERRY CITY: Barry Fry confirms Peterborough United interest in Patrick McEleney

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  • Peterborough Director of Football Barry Fry says club may make decision on McEleney transfer next Wednesday
  • Derry City could expect to receive a compensation fee in the region of £150,000 should the move materialise
  • Fry claims Peterborough manager Graham Westley has concerns over McEleney’s injury record

PETERBOROUGH United’s Director of Football, Barry Fry insists the League One club won’t rush into making an offer for Derry City playmaker, Patrick McEleney.

The 66 year-old, who handles all the contracts and transfer dealings at the London Road club, has been involved in informal talks with ‘Candy Stripes’ chairman, Mr Philip O’Doherty.

“He (Graham Westley) seems to like him a lot although his record of injuries is not good which he’s a bit suspect about, so he’s in discussions with the physio as well.

Barry Fry

And while he admits ‘Posh’ manager, Graham Westley remains interested in McEleney following his recent trial period at the club, Fry claims Peterborough won’t be making a formal approach for the player until next Wednesday at the earliest!

Injury Concerns

However, while he did suggest the club may be prepared to ‘take a punt’ on the player, they were concerned about McEleney’s recent injury record after he struggled with a groin injury this season and then broke down in a match against Birmingham during his six day trial.

Derry City will be seeking compensation for the Shantallow man should he seal a move to Peterborough, understood to be in the region of £150,000. However, Fry claims he won’t pursue the transfer until sit down talks with chairman, Darragh MacAnthony and ‘Posh’ boss, Westley at the start of next week.

Peterborough’s chairman, MacAnthony, is currently in Spain but is due to return to England for Saturday’s game against Crewe and next Tuesday’s match against Barnsley at London Road.

Fry, who relinquished his manager’s role at Peterborough in 2005, claims there won’t be any new developments on the possible McEleney transfer until after the meeting between the club’s triumvirate. But if he gets the nod from the manager then he’s prepared to re-engage in talks with Derry City.

“He’s come over and trained with us and the manager liked him,” Fry told the ‘Journal’. “He came and played at Birmingham.

“If we were to sign him, the training compensation is something like £30,000 per year and I’ve told my chairman and Graeme that and they’re still chatting. He (MacAnthony) goes away next Wednesday and we can’t sign the boy until January, so they’re still discussing it,” he added.

“At this stage I don’t know if they want me to put a bid in for him. The chairman is over from America but has gone to Spain for the last four days since our last game. He’s back again for our game in Crewe on Saturday and then he’s spending Monday and Tuesday with the manager and me, and we’ve a game on Tuesday night again.

“He’s flying back Wednesday morning so by Wednesday morning we should know a bit more where we stand.

“It’s all about how much the manager pushes it,” he continued. “He seems to like him a lot although his record of injuries is not good which he’s a bit suspect about so he’s in discussions with the physio as well.

“They haven’t given me the figures yet so I haven’t been to Derry yet. He won’t tell me to put a bid in before next Wednesday when he flies out to America.”