Only A Game? - Roddy Collins Jnr was treated abysmally

Roddy Collins Jnr.
Roddy Collins Jnr.

Some Derry City fans shamed themselves last week when they gloated over Roddy Collins Jnr’s exit.

I haven’t been to the Brandywell this season (it’s a long story); in fact the only times I’ve seen Derry City play was when their game was being broadcast live on the television.

Former Derry City boss, Roddy Collins.

Former Derry City boss, Roddy Collins.

In any of the games I watched young Collins Jnr wasn’t the worst player on the pitch by a country mile, nor was he the best.

Will Roddy Collins Jnr ever go on to win Champions League and World Cup medals? The odds are stacked against him but just because a football fan thinks a player lacks ability does not give he or she the right to be cruel, nasty and vindictive.

It would appear that the only way the human race can express themselves these days is by either ‘hashtagging’ or ‘liking’ but some took their ire to a whole new level when they posted comments like “good riddance to an awful player” and “what a complete waste of space”.

In fact, some of the comments were so offensive I couldn’t re-print them.

The only thing Collins Jnr was guilty of was being the son of former Derry City boss, Roddy Collins. That’s where the buck stops.

Collins Jnr. is like most young fellas his age - they’re are simply just trying to find their way in the world and if people seriously think it’s acceptable attacking a person’s character just because he or she comes across as over-confident then they really need to wise up.

Roddy Collins Jnr. is nowhere near the worst player to have ever donned the Derry City jersey but the way some fans reacted earlier this week you would swear not only that he was, but it was as if he had been found guilty of a most horrible crime.

Collins Jnr. might not have lived up to some Derry City supporters’ expectations but surely when it comes to opinions they should be measured.

I reckon if some fans had have had their way they would have had no problem with putting Collins Jnr through some sort of public ridicule.

Some sections of the Brandywell crowd are insistent that when it comes to the League of Ireland there is some sort of Dublin led agenda against Derry City but when you look at the way Roddy Collins Jnr. has been treated it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Some Derry City fans should practice what they preach when it comes to how they would like to see players treated. If it was a player from Derry playing for a club in Dublin and the fans there were to treat him the way Collins Jnr. has been treated, football fans in this city would be up in arms.

The World Cup

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