Derry & District Youth FA Notes

With the new season Derry & District Youth season now well and truly underway, it would appear that the standard of youth football continues to rise at a local level.

And with the Under-11 League particularly competitive this year, a closely contested finish is expected.

Derry & District coaches have suggested that the talent contained in the Under-11 age group in particular has been very impressive.

Ballymoor and Top of the Hill Celtic have secured maximum points after five games, however, Oxford and Sion also remain unbeaten and Culmore are very well placed.

The Under-11 league will, no doubt, get very interesting over the next four weeks with all the leading contenders having to play one another.

Meanwhile, last year’s Under-12 champions, Ballymoor got off to a good start but last season’s runners-up, Sion Swifts, have not been as impressive having record two defeats.

TOTH are off to flyer with maximum points but Tristar and Trojans have also been impressive in this age group.

The Under-13 League could be another closely contested campaign, Trojans have had a good start but last year’s runners up, Foyle Harps, will looking to go one better this year. Last year’s winners suffered a surprising defeat in their opening match and will look to get back on track but Oxford will pose a big threat this season after a fine NIBFA Cup run.

Clear favourites in the Under-14 league are TOTH as they chase three in a row, however, Sion who have started with a 100 per cent record will push them all the way. Don’t write off Eglinton Eagles either who have brought in new players this year and will have a say where the Championship goes.

Oxford should go close in the Under-15 League as they go for four in a row, but TOTH will run them close with an ever improving team. One factor in this league is the players from Oxford and TOTH been selected to play in the Milk Cup and with those players not available all season, this could have an impact with maybe Culmore taking advantage.

The Under-16 League looks to be a two horse race between Tristar and Ballymoor with Tristar already coming out on top 1-0 in a tightly contested match. From the other teams Newbuildings may pose a threat as they progress.

The next meeting of the Derry & District Youth FA takes place on Tuesday night, May 10th, in Pilot’s Row. All home named teams should note that it is their responsibility to ensure that all permits are collected at least four days in advance of their matches.

Recent Results

U11 League - TOTHC 5, Oxford 3; Trojans 3, Don Bosco’s 1; Brightstars 2, Killea1; Ballymoor 2, Newbuildings 1. U12 League- Ballymoor 3, Foyle Harps 2; Tristar 1, Sion 2. U13 League- Newbuildings 1, Tristar 1; Trojans 2, TOTHC 1. U14 League- Sion 2, Culmore0;Trojans 2, Tristar 1. U15 League- TOTHC 2, Trojans 1; Oxford 4, Killea 2. U16 League Foyle Harps 1, Ballymoor 1; C.S.S. 1, Tristar 3.

Fixtures - today (Friday) - U13 Cup - Sion v Newbuildings; Sion.

Tomorrow (Sat.) - U12 League - Trojans v Don Bosco’s, Bishop’s Field 10:15 am; Ballymoor v Sion, Prehen 2; Foyle Harps v Culmore, Barra; TOTHC v Tristar, Bishop’s Field 11.30 am; U14 Cup - Culmore v Ballymoor, Culmore.