Director Martin Mullan writes new Derry City song

Derry City Board member Martin Mullan is getting the ‘band back together’ to support his home town club.

Ventura Highway have recorded a Derry City song entitled 'DCFC'.
Ventura Highway have recorded a Derry City song entitled 'DCFC'.

Mullan and his band ‘Ventura Highway’ have recorded a new song ‘DCFC’, which he hopes the Brandywell faithful will be singing from the terraces this season.

“I think we need a song of our own, so I came up with the idea to write a song entitled ‘DCFC’ and I think and hope Derry City fans will like it,” he stated.

“With us being in Europe this year it will be good that fans will be able to cheer the boys on and sing this song.

“We spent three days in the recording studio getting the song recorded and on Friday we are going to record a wee video for the song, at the Brandywell, with the Brandywell Pride supporters club also joining us.

“All the proceeds from the song are going to go to the club. Whatever money we make, every pound is going to the club. It would be great if we are able to make a few pound for the club so that Philip (O’Doherty) doesn’t have to keep putting his hand in his pocket every year.”

The Ventura Highway drummer, who wrote the new song, says he’s hoping that the feel good factor at the club continues and everyone comes out to support Ruaidhri Higgins’ side in the coming season, which gets underway next month in Dundalk.

“I wrote the song and thought, it would be a lovely one for our own city and it would be nice to give something back to the club as well,” he added.

“The last song we did was a while back now and it was called ‘Stay the Feck at Home’. It raised thousands and thousands for the NHS which was great. I wrote that song ironically whenever the government was telling you to ‘Stay Home’ and they didn’t themselves,” he joked.

“If they had listened to my song, then they maybe would have stayed at home themselves.

“I’m hoping this year that the club really can strive on. I saw the boys training on Wednesday and the buzz around the Brandywell is very exciting. I just thought this would be a lovely way to give something back and keep the good vibes going at the club.”