Foyle Cup Training Gets Underway

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THE first training sessions for the Derry & District F.A.’s Foyle Cup teams will get underway this weekend at the Templemore Sports Complex.

In preparation for this summer’s youth football tournament, the Under-12 and Under-13 D&D youth teams will meet up for the first time with their respective coaches while the selection process for the U10 and U14 teams will continue.

The Under-12 squad training session will take place this Sunday from 10.30 a.m. until 12.30 p.m and the Under-10s will train from 9.50 a.m., also on Sunday.

The U13s will meet tonight (Fri.) at 6.30 p.m. and the U14s will also train tonight at 6.30 p.m. Players must bring £2.

Under-12 squad - (Foyle Harps) - Robert Kelly, Rory Bradley, Aaron McGurk, Ben McCarron, P. J. McBrearty, Mark McDaid, Caolan Diver; (Oxford) - Oran Gill, Adam McColgan, Bradley Callaghan; (Trojans) - Tom Mullan; (Culmore) - Jack Duffy, Jude Mullan, Ross Nicholas, Ruairi O’Boyle, Morgan Murray, Rachel Barnaby, James Lynch, Eugene Burns; (Top of the Hill Celtic) - Jack Malone, Shay Kelly, Conor McGowan, Caolan McBrearty; (Tristar) - Dean Palmer; (Brightstars) - Rhys McKeever, Michael McConnell, Oran Roddy, Jack Mullan; (Eglinton Eagles) - Luke Murphy, Anthony McGuinness.

Under-13 squad - (Top of the Hill Celtic) - Jack Henry; (Sion) - Dylan McColgan, Thomas McConnell, Conall Arnold, Dylan Peoples, David Parkhouse; (Trojans) - Mark Doherty, Dean Shields; (Newbuildings) - Jack McClelland; (Don Bosco’s) - Ciaran Deery, Caolan Tudor, Scott Rice, Nathan McEniff; (Foyle Harps) - Ethan Doherty; (Culmore) - Noel Murphy; (Tristar) - Dylan Beattie, Ryan Doran; Emmett Heaney.

Under-14 squad - (Newbuildings) - Mathew McClelland, Travis Hetherington, James Crawford, Tommy McCorkell, Justin McFaul, Corry Hill; (Top of the Hill Celtic) - Dermott McCrossan, Conal Guille, Declan Lynch, Darragh Buchanan, Jamie Brown, Jordan Brothers; (Sion) - Adam Bonner; (Culmore) - Mark Gorman, Luke Coyle, Ethan Mullan, Ronan Doherty.

Under-10 squad - Paul Anderson (Top of the Hill Celtic); Mathew Whoriskey (Killea); David Arthur (Sion); Daniel Duddy (Ballymoor); Jason Donegan (Oxford); Adam Green (Killea); Cameron Doherty (Strathfoyle); Ryan Kennedy, Odhran McKeever (Trojans); Caoimhan Porter (Ballymoor); Conor Hargan (Oxford); James Kernan (Killea); Evan McLaughlin, Tiernan Devine, Kaelan Devine (Foyle Harps); Jack O’Donnell (Killea); Nathan McCrudden (Trojans); Alex Bishop (Sion); Dominic Dunne (Don Bosco’s); Kieran McLaughlin (Newbuildings); Adam Carr (Culmore); Tiernan McKinney (Foyle Harps); Alex Boyd (Clooney); Orrin McLaughlin (Foyle Harps).

The next meeting of the D.&D. Youth F.A. is on Tuesday next, May 15th.

The Foyle Cup coaches have asked that all players arrive on time for training.

Forthcoming fixtures - Monday, May 14th, U12 League, Eglinton v Sion (St. Canices); TOTHC v Foyle Harps (St. Brecan’s); U16 League, TOTHC v Trojans ( St. Columb’s 3); Ballymoor v Eglinton (Leafair); Brooklyn v Oxford ( Prehen 5).

Tuesday, May 15th, U11 League, Trojans v Ballymoor (Oakland); Tristar v TOTHC (D/F 2); U12 League, Oxford v Culmore (Central); U14 League, Sion v Culmore (Sion); U16 League, Tristar v Trojans Colts (Prehen 2), Culmore v Newbuildings (Culmore).

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Academy fixtures

U10, tomorrow (Sat.) - 10 am, Killea Nixons Corner v Newbuildings; Top of the Hill v Trojans Colts; Killea Nixons Corner v Top of The Hill; Newbuildings v Trojans Colts; 11 am, K.N.C. v Sion Swifts; Tristar v Trojans; K.N.C. v Tristar; Sion Swifts v Trojans. 12:00pm: Culmore v Eglinton; Ballymoor v Foyle Harps; Culmore v Foyle Harps; Eglinton v Ballymoor.

Sunday, May 13th - U7, 10 a.m., Brooklyn v Tristar; Killea Nixons Corner v F.C. Corinthians; Brooklyn v F.C. Corinthians; Killea Nixons Corner v Oxford; Oxford v Top of the hill.

U8 11 am, Ballymoor v Tristar; Brightstars v Strathfoyle; Oxford v Top of the hill; Ballymoor v Top of the hill; Brightstars v Tristar; Strathfoyle v Oxford.

U9 12 noon, Ballymoor v Top of the Hill; Foyle Harps v Tristar; Killea Nixons Corner v Oxford; Trojans v Ballymoor; Trojans v F.C Corinthians; F.C Corinthians v Top of the Hill; Oxford v Foyle Harps; Tristar v Killea Nixons Corner.

Monday, May 14th - U10 6:00 p.m., Clooney Soccer School v Oxford; Oxford Colts v Strathfoyle; Clooney Soccer School v Strathfoyle; Oxford v Oxford Colts; Top of the Hill Celtic.