Kenny Shiels turned down two jobs to stay at Derry City

KENNY SHIELS stated after his side's 20th league defeat at St Patrick's Athletic last night, that the Derry City board have told him that he'll be manager next season.

Saturday, 27th October 2018, 12:15 pm
Updated Saturday, 27th October 2018, 1:25 pm
Derry City manager Kenny Shiels.

In fact, the ex-Kilmarnock boss stated that he had turned down two job offers this year and stayed because of the commitment to the club that chairman Philip O’Doherty has shown.

"Yes definitely the board have told me I’ll be in charge next season,” he said.

“I have turned down two jobs this season, one very recently and I turned down a job last season and the only reason I turned them down is because of Philip O’Doherty, because of his commitment to the club.

“Look there will come a time a manager loses his job and it’s not nice, some people rejoice when a manager loses his job and it’s so unfair on football managers and then there’s people working against the club as well but that’s different.”

The Maghera man also admitted that this season’s campaign has be difficult for both him and his squad and when questioned about his future Shiels was adamant he was still the man to turn things around.

“It’s been a difficult season,” he insisted. “When we were going well the media were very responsive and co-operative and the city was as well and then when it’s going bad, it’s a complete opposite and lack of understanding.

“It has just been a very, very difficult season for us. I have had three seasons here, we have qualified for Europe and you have to look at the inheritance.

“We have two fantastic seasons getting into Europe, we had a very difficult beginning this season, we lost three of our first four games and then we came back and had a really good run, but it hasn’t been good enough in the end.

“Winning the cup (EA Sports Cup) was good, the first trophy in six years, so I don’t know how people can say that I’m under pressure, which you guys have all said that I’m under pressure.

“Then we have had other circumstances that I have to deal with behind the scenes that you don’t see. It is very, very tiresome.”