Local ROI Supporters’ seek new members

The Derry Branch of the Republic of Ireland Supporters’ Club has agreed to open its books to new members prior to the new season and those interested can avail of not only top quality seats in the Aviva Stadium, but also subsidised accommodation in Dublin on match weekends.

The club’s organisers have become aware that quite a few supporters from the Derry and Donegal areas have regularly been attending matches in Dublin and, indeed, are not aware of the benefits available through membership of the official club.

All club members are issued with an F.A.I. Season Ticket Swipe Card which covers all matches in the Aviva Stadium - European Championship qualifiers plus friendly fixtures - over the 2011/12 campaign with the season officially commencing on August 1st next running until July 31st, 2012.

With the local supporters’ club set to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary in February next year, it is hoped that the Derry branch will increase in size before reaching that milestone and those interested in taking up the offer of membership will be fully informed of the cost and the benefits available.

Anyone interested in obtaining further information on the club should contact the club Secretary, Mr. Jim Barr, tel. 07711179495 as soon as possible.

Bridge Results

CARNDONAGH - 14-06-11 - 1, Rita Harvey and John Grant, 166; 2, Mary B. McLaughlin and Charlie Mullan, 161; 3, Dessie Doherty and Paddy McKinlay, 154; 4, Teresa and Michael McLaughlin, 153; 5, Patti Doran and Betty O’Loughlin, 145; 6, Colette McCool and Ted McQuilkin, 134.

MOVILLE - 10-06-11 - 1, Colette McCool and Ted McQuilkin; 2, John McClenaghan and Paddy McKinley; 3, Gerry O’Keeffe and Neil McMahon; 4, Tony McDermott and Dodo Guckian; 5, Pauline McQuillan and Kathleen McDonald; 6, Lorraine Byrne and Fr. Pat O’Hagan.

WEDNESDAY CLUB - 08-06-11 - 1, T. McNulty and R. Anthony 199; 2, M. Brown and E. Coulter 196; 3, P. Friel and K. McGilloway 192; 4, C. McCarron and C. Bradley 190; 5, J. Gilliland and F. Maxwell 188; 6, A. Moyne and C. Hynes 186.

FOYLE - 09-06-11 - 1/2, tie, A. Byrne, M. Harkin, C. McCarron and C. Bradley 102; 3, T. McQuilkin and C. McCool 96, 4, L. Harkin and C. Hynes 90; 5, A. Moyne and A. Kelleher 87; 6, J. Begley and J. Duggan 85.

STRABANE - 13-06-11 - 1, E. J. and S. O’Hare 210; 2, J. O’Sullivan and M. Duffy 191; 3, T. McQuilkin and C. McCool 176; 4, M. Carlisle and J. Patterson 174; 5, E. Quinn and K. McCay 166; 6, A. Stewart and C. Carlin 160.

COUNTIES CLUB - 1, N. Hill & M. Hamilton; 2, F. & K. McClintock; 3, Dilys Crocket and Jean Johnston