McClean transfer - nice Lift, but not £300K

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JAMES McClean is “absolutely delighted” to have signed a three year contract with Wigan Athletic, but news of a significant Derry City windfall of around £300,000 is well wide of the mark, according to the local club.

That windfall - which would actually represent a 15 per cent slice of £2 million - supports a claim that Wigan paid that figure for the Creggan Heights man, but a Derry City spokesman has rejected the speculation, insisting that the Brandywell club would receive a much lesser amount.

Indeed, the 15 per cent sell-on clause is calculated on the profit generated by the transfer from Sunderland to Wigan which, it has been claimed, falls short of £2m.

While the Derry City spokeman preferred not to be identified, he did agree that the windfall, while still considered significant, would be closer to £150,000!

McClean was sold to Sunderland for a tranfer fee of £350,000 during the summer of 2011. Since then Derry have received an additional £50,000 in payments for first team appearances, both in the Premier League and at international level. Therefore, that payment - approximately £400,000 - must be deducted from the transfer figure paid by Wigan before the 15 per cent sell-on is calcuated - the percentage applying to the profit from the sale.

However, delighted to have moved on and eager to open another chapter in his career, albeit in the Skybet Championship, the 24-year-old winger was in good form when I contacted him last night.

“The transfer came like a bolt out of the blue. It’s been sorted out very, very quickly and I’m now absolutely delighted to have signed a three year contract with Wigan Athletic,” declared James.

“I’ve spoken at length to the club’s manager (Owen Coyle) and I was very impressed with his plans for me. I’ve been given the No. 11 jersey - the same jersey I wore at Derry City - so that’s a good start,” he laughed.