Raymond Crangle was spot on with decisions in Institute versus Linfield game

Institute manager, players and officials were all upset with referee Raymond Crangle after their loss to Linfield, on Saturday.

Monday, 18th November 2019, 4:44 pm
Institutes Ryan Morrow is sent off by match referee Raymond Crangle at Brandywell Stadium on Saturday.

They were annoyed that the Belfast official awarded the Blues three penalties and red carded Ryan Morrow but sorry folks, the man in the middle was correct with all four decisions.

Regarding the first penalty, I have to admit Crangle was very ‘Usain Bolt’ with how quick his decision was to award the penalty, even though Ryan Morrow’s did catch Joel Cooper. The decision seem to even catch even the Blues winger out as he got to his feet and was looking to play on.

The second penalty, which also saw Morrow sent-off, was another correct decision. Yes, Jimmy Callacher on the TV footage does look as though he lashes out at the ’Stute defender inside the six yard box before Morrow stupidly retaliates but that’s what I assume Crangle saw and, if so, he had to award a penalty and bring out the red card for the Creggan man.

As for the third and final penalty, that was pretty a simple decision as Graham Crown clearly brought down Cooper in stoppage time.

However the score-line didn’t reflect the champions performance. Linfield didn’t play well and but for some important saves in the second half from goalkeeper, Rohan Ferguson, things might have been a little bit more uncomfortable for them.

In fact, ’Stute boss Sean Connor will probably take more encouragement from the game than his opposite number, David Healy.

For long periods in the second half when they were down to 10 men, the home side played well and created chances with Joe McCready - who is a man Connor needs to keep when the January transfer window opens as the vultures will be circling - did well again and was unlucky not to have scored on a few occasions after the break.