Only A Game? - Alex Ferguson’s shadow, hypocrisy and geese

Alex Ferguson.
Alex Ferguson.

If poor results and bad performances weren’t bad enough for David Moyes, things were made worse when Manchester United fans were reminded of the good old days under Alex Ferguson when the Scot appeared on every news channel on planet Earth this week to promote his new book, which is imaginatively titled ‘Alex Ferguson - My Autobiography’.

Moyes has struggled not only to live in the shadow of Alex Ferguson but he has had to contend with some United fans already calling for him to be replaced.

Sacking Moyes is an utterly ridiculous suggestion and whilst the team’s current run of form must be very disappointing for United supporters it was always going to be a rocky road when Ferguson decided to call it a day.

Ferguson, was without doubt one of, if not the, greatest football manager of all time so any supporter expecting a smooth transition is not living in the real world.

The inevitable disappointment endured after games against Southampton and West Bromwich Albion must have been hard for supporters to bear but when you’re used to winning fixtures like the aforementioned, easily ,everything else feels second or indeed third best.

Moyes needs at least a season to make the job his own and of course the best way to do that is win trophies but if Alex Ferguson’s legacy has taught United fans anything it’s that success and winning trophies does not happen over night. It takes time. About 26 years should do the trick.

Fergie’s book

There really is no point in entering into an argument with Alex Ferguson. Part of his genius was his self-belief and unwavering disposition but these characteristics also make him sound a little stupid.

In a few interviews to promote his new book this week, Fergie criticised David Beckham for embracing the whole celebrity culture.

Wait a minute! Isn’t doing interviews to promote the sales of a book part of the very celebrity culture Ferguson has been uber critical of in the past?

Not only is Ferguson totally hypocritical he’s not really doing players like Beckham a great service.

Beckham, love him or hate him, was a player with serious talent who achieved a lot. Beckham played with his heart on his sleeve every time he lined out for the Red Devils.

Other players who came in for a bit literary hairdryer treatment included Roy Keane and Wayne Rooney.

I am not dying about either Keane or Rooney but the two of them helped Alex Ferguson win trophies.

Ferguson also has a go at former Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez for making the rivalry between the two of them personal but surely this is a case of the Alex Ferguson pot calling the the football world kettle black,

The whole point of Ferguson’s book is to let fans and enemies alike read his side of the story but it doesn’t get any more personal than when you accuse someone like Roy Keane of being an “intimidating” and “ferocious individual”.

It’s a case of what is good for the goose should be good for the gander but if Ferguson had his way geese would be an endangered species and he’d be the last of a dying breed.