Outer This World

PLAYERS from Derry City Football Club added to the excitement of the ‘Outer North’ Street Football Initiative Finals Day as the programme drew to its conclusion on Saturday last at The Leafair Pitches and The Shantallow Cage.

The popular initiative has been run locally by Shantallow Community Residents Association and Greater Shantallow Area Partnership and it took place over a period of three weeks.

During that time, 18 separaten separate coaching sessions took place at a range of venues throughout the ‘Outer North’ and Greater Shantallow areas.

The sessions were open to all school going age young people and were held in the Shantallow, Leafair, Carnhill, Galliagh North (Leafair), Galliagh South (Altcar) and Culmore areas.

The coaching sessions were delivered by - Derry City players, Derry City Council coaches, and locally based coaches, who were passing on skills, football advice, organising teams and games.

Delighted with the support of the coaches and the response from local youngsters, Shantallow Residents’s Association spokesman, Cathal Mc Cauley, heaped praise on all those involved.

Over 300


“In excess of 300 young people took part over the six areas, all aged between 5 and 17 years old, and it was great that there was so much help from local volunteers to help organise the young people.

“In fact, the groups who helped organise so many things included the Aelagh Women’s Group, Cornshell Community Network, Leafair Community Association, Off the Streets Initiative and Culmore Community Association, to whom we owe a great debut,” he said.

“This programme is one of a wide range of community based programmes which make up Derry City Council’s ‘Active Citizenship Programme.’ The Programme has been developed by local community groups and co-ordinated by Derry City Council, the Shantallow Community Residents’ Assocation and the Greater Shantallow Area Partnership.”

And following the success of the recent programme, Mr. McCauley said that anyone seeking further information on what’s available through Derry City Council’s “Outer North Active Citizenship Programme,” should contact either Derry City Council’s Health & Wellbeing Officer (tel. 02871-361566), Shantallow Community Residents Association (tel. 02871-280250) or the Greater Shantallow Area Partnership ) tel.: 02871-358787.