Shiels tells fans to stop wasting money on '˜rubbish' English football and come watch Derry City

KENNY SHIELS has pleaded with Derry football fans to stop wasting their money going to watch '˜rubbish' English clubs and return to Brandywell to be entertained on their doorsteps.

Saturday, 22nd October 2016, 12:08 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 5:49 pm
PLEA . . . Derry City manager Kenny Shiels has pleaded with football supporters to come watch his side next season instead of 'rubbish' English football teams.

The Derry City boss reckons the club’s final home match of the season against Sligo on Friday night would have had a bigger attendance if it had of clashed with a Liverpool versus Manchester United English Premiership fixture. And he insists League of Ireland football is much more appealing than English football which, he believes, has ‘gone to pot’.

Shiels quipped that his biggest challenge of his season was to sit through the drab scoreless draw between United and Liverpool at Anfield last Monday night.

And he believes local football supporters would be better off coming to the Lone Moor Road venue next season to watch a more ‘appealing’ product.

“There probably would have been a better crowd here tonight if Liverpool and Manchester United had of been on TV,” said Shiels after the 2-1 win over Sligo which secured a third place finish for the Candy Stripes.

“It’s just a pity Liverpool and Man United weren’t playing tonight because it would have improved our crowd.

“Having to sit through that on Monday night was the biggest challenge I’ve had this season. People sit on their armchair and will even pay thousands of pounds to go over and watch Liverpool, Manchester United, Celtic, Rangers and they’re off their head because it’s on their doorstep.

“Obviously these teams are better than us but they don’t provide as much entertainment- no way!

“The game in England has gone to pot so I’m glad we have a product here which is more appealing. I wish the ones who don’t normally come would come along to watch us,” added the City manager.

“Now the English game is rubbish people might come out and see the quality that is here. It’s more entertaining. Obviously we make more mistakes than the Liverpools and Manchester Uniteds but we play to win as you seen tonight,

“We must always play to win. Again the crowd has gone happy I hope that they’ve witnessed an entertaining performance.”