‘Studs’ to mentor McClean at Sunderland

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DERRY City’s reserve team goalkeeper, Eugene Ferry, will end his Brandywell career following next weekend’s FAI Cup Final and take up new employment as a “special mentor” to former team-mate, James McClean at Sunderland!

In fact, “Studs” will move to the North-East of England to live with and assist his life-long friend in keeping on the right side of football’s hierarchy after McClean experienced no shortage of difficulties having dabbled with social media since joining the Premiership club.

The 23-years-old winger actually received death threats on “Twitter” having declared for and, indeed, gained selection to the Republic of Ireland international team which contested the European Championships last summer.

And the Creggan Heights man also fell foul of international boss, Giovanni Trapattoni, after an online rant having not been used in Ireland’s late, late 2-1 victory over Kazakhstan.

After that particular problem, which saw the player widely criticised, McClean closed his “Twitter” account as Sunderland boss, Martin O’Neill, is also believed to have read the riot act following the winger’s general misconduct.

Since then, however, McClean is back on “Twitter” with Ferry now taking an active hand in keeping his former team-mate on the straight and narrow.

Not Fully Settled in


Commenting during last Wednesday’s Press Day at the Brandywell, Ferry confirmed that he would be moving to Sunderland to join McClean and his Derry girlfriend on Wearside.

“James hasn’t really settled down and all that stuff in the media wasn’t helping him,” said Eugene. “But his agent was concerned with the issues and I’ve been asked to keep an eye on him.

“I was over in Sunderland on Tuesday and I had a meeting with one of Sunderland’s liaison officers who said that James (McClean) had agreed that it would help him settle better if one of his mates moved over to live with him,” he added.

Fully aware of the problems associated with using social media, Ferry said he would have no problems keeping McClean “on the straight and narrow.”

He went on: “I can help him stop writing those stupid comments he has written in the past. When he wrote all that stuff, he was on his own and didn’t have anyone to talk it through with. If he had done, he would have been told to wise up and sort it out rather than be ridiculed the national media.”

Ferry, who is one year older than McClean, attended the same school as the winger and he was confident he could help his former “Candy Striped” team-mate.

“We’ve always been honest with each other. If I felt he played crap, I would tell him so and we could argue it out. We were in school together before we joined Derry City and we’ve always got on well.”

Looking Forward

to Move

Ferry was looking forward to moving to Sunderland and he was confident that his involvement would help James finally settle in the North-East of England.

“He’s more settled now than he had been when he first joined Sunderland. If he got a chance to get back home, he was on the next flight, I know because I collected him from the airport on a regular basis.

“But I feel I can help him out and, hopefully, I will also enjoy the experience. I hope to continue playing football at the weekend with a local team in Sunderland if only to keep fit, but I’ll be leaving Derry after the final,” he confirmed.

Ferry, who graduated from Liverpool University with a degree in Education and Physical Education, regularly travelled home during his three years of study, to play for his home down club having joined as a goalkeeper seven years ago.