The Doc’s Prescription - Di Matteo:It Was Waiting to Happen . . . .

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It wasn’t just Chelsea’s billionaire owner Roman Abramovich who didn’t fancy Roberto Di Matteo as a manager - practically every football fan I know felt he had been very fortunate to get the job; he was considered very lucky to win the Champions’ League last season and would eventually face the sack!

And the reason for this was that Di Matteo wasn’t known to the fans as a personality before his elevation to the Chelsea hotseat.

Ironically, if he had been to a few Premiership clubs as manager and failed miserably and then secured a stint as a Sky Sports pundit, nobody would have batted an eyelid when he got the Chelsea job!

Sadly, despite winning the FA Cup and the Champions League, the Italian never really stood a chance. But, in fairness to Abramovich, he spent in excess of E100 million to strengthen the team introducing young stars such as Eden Hazard, Oscar and Marko Marin and Chelsea started the season playing some superb football.

However, the moment thing started to go pear-shaped, everyone in football knew that Di Matteo’s days were numbered.

I didn’t think it would happen as quickly as it did, but the 3-0 defeat at Juventus was enough for the owner and another Chelsea manager was to bite the dust!

We may well shake our heads at Abramovich’s hire and fire policies, but any sympathy for the deposed manager will have to be balanced by the size of his payout cheque!

In fact, don’t expect to be bumping into Di Matteo at the local Labour Exchange anytime soon!