Tristar partnership starts to bear fruit!

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Tristar Boys’ Football Club is delighted that their first player to avail of their recently announced partnership with USA–based Global Premier Soccer will leave Derry for Boston this week.

Combative midfielder, Dee Watson, will depart for Boston this weekend to take part in a six weeks coaching and playing programme facilitated and sponsored by former Tristar player and current Global Premier Soccer Chief Executive, Joe Bradley.

Young Watson will reside in Boston for the duration of the programme and will have the opportunity to avail of the world class coaching facilities and programmes of Global Premier Soccer.

In addition to taking part in coaching sessions, Dee will also play in a number of exhibition games which will be watched by University Sports Coaches who are looking to offer scholarship programmes to talented players who boast a high academic ability.

As young Watson meets both of these essential criteria, the Tristar management team are assured that Dee will do very well during his trip to Boston which, hopefully, could open a few doors in his search for a future career in the game.

Club chairman, Ryan Horner, said the confirmation that Tristar’s first player would be travelling to the States marked the fruition of six months hard work.

Fantastic Opportunity

He said: “We are absolutely delighted that Dee Watson will experience a wonderful time and acquit himself exceptionally well during his trip.

“When our founder, Jon Clifford, passed away in September last year many former players wished to contribute in some way to the club to ensure that the current crop of players received similar opportunities to what they received when ‘Big Ugg’ was at the helm.

“Joe Bradley was one of those former players and we met over the Christmas period last year and we have been working n this programme since then.

“On behalf of everyone at Tristar I wish to thank, Joe and Global Premier Soccer for their generosity and, of course, wish Dee every success for his trip to the States.”