“United War” is definitely over

Manchester United have again recorded operating profits of more than £100 million and are seeking to use these results to raise up to £500 million by floating a minority stake in the club on the Singapore Stock Market!

To ordinary football people - like you and I - these huge sums of money are beyond comprehension but, in a nutshell, it means that United is an extremely wealthy club and despite the noises made by a hardcore of opponents, the anti-Glazer revolt has been more or less quashed.

Despite the forecasts of doom and gloom by the “green and yellow brigade,” the club has improved it’s profits every year since 2005 - excepting a one-off exceptional cost last year.

Add to that the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson has never once complained about the new owners and that he appears to be able to strengthen his squad when he wishes - all appears to be well in the United camp.

Those in the anti-Glazier camp claim that over £400 million has disappeared from United’s coffers since 2005 in interest payments and debt reduction, but in reality, the vast bulk of the club’s fans couldn’t care less.

I don’t expect the “rebels” to roll over and go away, but even they must know that the so-called “war” is definitely over.

Football now forms part of the global economy and, make no mistake about it, Manchester United, is a big player in that regard.