Local chess supremo turns up at Pilot’s Row

One of the strongest players ever to represent the City of Derry Chess Club made a guest appearance at one of the club’s practice sessions in Pilot’s Row recently.

Liam Hegarty, who played chess for the club for almost 20 years ago, was one of Derry’s most skilled players and during the recent practice session he gave youngsters tips and advice.

Chairman of the City of Derry Chess Club, Alan Turnbull, said that he was delighted to see someone he had trained so many years ago make a return to help out.

“Liam [Hegarty] was such a great player when he was younger,” said Alan.

“I was delighted when he agreed to come along and talk to some of the younger members of the club.

“Liam stayed and played chess for over three hours. He played 25 games, winning 23, drawing one and losing one - it was like old times.”

The adult and youth chess clubs will commence again next month. Alan said that he’d like to see more people get involved this year.

“Chess is such an amazing game,” said Alan.

“Not only is it enjoyable but it helps you mentally. The way you have to think when playing chess is good for every day life too.

“It’s also good for children to come along and meet other children at the club - there’s a real social side to it as well.”

The City of Derry Adult Chess Club will return to the Verbal Arts Centre on Tuesday September 4 at 7.30p.m whilst the youth chess club will return to Pilot’s Row on Friday September 7 at 6p.m. For more information contact Alan Turnbull - 07754077719.