Meet Derry’s Mr Britain Dave Fox

Derry bodybuilder, Dave Fox, pictured at the Mr. World Championships in Italy earlier this month.
Derry bodybuilder, Dave Fox, pictured at the Mr. World Championships in Italy earlier this month.

Derry bodybuilder and businessman, Dave Fox, is celebrating after securing the title of Mr. Britain. The personal trainer has described it as his largest victory in over 20 years competing in shows across the world.

Mr. Fox was crowned Mr. Britain at the recent National Amateur Body Builders’ Association (NABBA) show in Southport, England.

“I’m doing alright for 43 years of age,” a delighted Dave told the ‘Sunday.’

The proprietor of Pro-Gym, Strand Road first clinched the Mr. Class two title before competing in the over all Mr. Britain section, a title which he also secured. In total there were 140 competitors in the competition from throughout Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

“It is a massive achievement and I am delighted.

“I have trophies going back years to 1987 when I clinched the Mr. Ulster school boy title but this is the big one. I’ve prepared and participated in some 40 shows in my career but yes, this is the big one.”

Following on from his success in Mr. Britain, Dave was invited to participate in the Mr. World competition in Montecatini Terme, Italy.

A show in which he finished fourth in his class.

“I’m still on a high from that as well. It has been a good few weeks. I think it was a good placing and to be honest I was probably still on a high from that UK show. I had targeted a top six finish in Italy but the competition was at a really, really high standard.

“In fact it was won by a 23 year old from New Zealand who came out of nowhere. He was a phenomenon.”

That placing means Dave has qualified for a slot at the Mr. Universe contest in October but he is realistic in terms of what he has already managed this year. “I think that maybe one too many shows for me. I am at the top of the amateur game and realistically speaking it is the highest I can expect to go. I am just delighted it has been worth all the effort.”

And the best reward, said Dave: “Probably the fact I spent two days eating whatever I wanted in Italy after the Mr. World contest. I relaxed in

Florence for a few days eating everything I could.”