Annual Prizegiving at Prehen

The end of season prize giving takes place this Sunday at 7.00 p.m. and the following members are asked to attend.

Club Championship - Tony McCann, Simon Swaby; Senior Cup - Kealan Quigg, Jayson McIntyre; Junior Cup - Vincent Devenney, David Knox; Foyle Cup -Matthew Orr, Jordan Greer; Foursomes - Vincent Devenney, Graham Hepburn, Michael McCullough, Sean McKane; Jock Balmer - David Knox, Stuart Gauld, Eamon and Eddie Maxwell; Danska Bank Open - Shane Kelly, Tony Murray, Paul McLaughlin, Les Dickson, Colin Jeffrey, Ernie Heywood, Cormac McGeady (Foyle); Order of Merit - Stephen McKeegan, Ernie Heywood, Kealan Quigg, George Curry, Lester Moore, Tommy McBride, Jim McDaid, Shane Kelly, Kevin Mark Doherty, Graham Hepburn; Veterans,Wilf Donnell, John Flynn, John Crumlish (monthly prize winners)

Prizes for the Chambers Concrete Team Classic.