Derry Clipper racing homeward

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Derry’s Clipper is currently in seventh spot as the crew race towards their home port.

The Derry-Londonderry Clipper has some 1700 nautical miles to go to the finish in race 13 of the series (Nov Scotia to Derry.)

Skipper Mark Light says “there has been very steady progress on board Derry-Londonderry in the last 24 hours.”

“The mood on board is good and we are very excited at the thought of arriving in around ten days’ time to our home port. The news from the daily weather information (GRIB files) is looking more encouraging at last.

“From a very messy looking set of systems yesterday the North Atlantic finally seems to be able to recognise our needs and is getting itself into some sort of normality once more. It is still a tactical conundrum for the navigators as to which way to go and this is being aptly demonstrated by the minor splits in the Clipper Race fleet. We have a plan for the next few days and as always, will keep monitoring the weather closely...answers on a post card to ‘Captain ‘Legenderry’, North Atlantic, Grand Banks, Off Newfoundland’, please!

“At the moment we have very little wind and frequent bouts of Grand Banks fog, giving a slightly eerie feel to the proceedings. The night is very dark and there is no moon to be seen. We are looking forward to the prospect of the wind freshening in the next few hours. Recently we have swapped between Yankee 1 and wind seeker to keep our boat moving and know we will soon be reducing down through the sail wardrobe as the wind increases and we find ourselves beating to windward much like the first few days of this race. I am just grateful for any meaningful wind at the moment so we will take whatever we can get.

“We need a few good days of 200 miles plus per day to get ourselves back on track. Here’s hoping for a shove in the right direction to help us along on our journey,” he says.