Derry skipper remains hopeful despite slipping down leader board

Clipper race
Clipper race

Derry’s Clipper hopes to make up ground on the other boats in the round the world race after slipping down the leader board

The Derry-Londonderry Clipper is now in eight place after heading south south on the Oakland to Panama Leg.

But skipper Mark Light says he is hopeful the crew can move up the leader board - if the wind comes good.

“Great effort over the past 24 hours, but a disappointing result,” he says.

“Despite all our hard work we have slipped down the leader board over the last few position reports. We did well last night to make our way south in the hope of finding the elusive wind but although the forecasts pointed to more wind initially further south we found that the boats further north had more favourable conditions and were sailing at between nine and ten knots almost all day.

“Our leader board position is all based on distance to finish figures so ninth position is not great but it is by virtue of us being so far to the south. We know that we are more than capable of hunting down the other Clipper Race yachts and we also know that this race has over 1400 miles to go.

“We are well aware that this race may be called at any time due to lack of wind so it is up to us to make sure that we get ourselves in a decent position in preparation for that. Everybody on board, however, would prefer to be able to race all the way. One last thing.......we are currently in ‘sprint’ mode having entered the Ocean Sprint yesterday afternoon.”

Full positions are updated every three hours and can be found at

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