Draw announced for flagship snooker event

St Patrick's 'A', Strabane, from left, Rory Doherty, Aodhan Stewart, Benny Carlin, Lee Hannigan and Sonny Mullen. (0212PG27)
St Patrick's 'A', Strabane, from left, Rory Doherty, Aodhan Stewart, Benny Carlin, Lee Hannigan and Sonny Mullen. (0212PG27)

THE Draw was finalised last week for the 2012 renewal of the PFS Accountings sponsored North West Snooker Individual Championship, the game’s flagship event which has attracted 42 contenders, including a six-pack of competitors who know what it takes to win the ultimate prize.

The star-studded line-up is headed by eight seeded contenders - determined by best recent Senior Championship performances - the top seed being Glendermott’s Maurice Ferguson (defender), followed by Letterkenny’s four-time champion (2002-04-06-10), Du Pont’s Pascal McKenna (2009 kingpin) and AOH Club’s Gerald McCloskey (hit the jackpot in 2008).

Seeded five is Strabane’s dual scorer Glenn Roulston (2005-07), while Shantallow’s Pete Murphy, who holds the distinction as the only junior-graded player to wear the senior crown (2003), is ranked number six. Completing the list of seeded contenders are City of Derry’s Simon Cooke (2011 runner-up) and Du Pont’s Chris Brown (2009 beaten finalist).

The Championship, again hosted by Du Pont, is set to commence on Sunday, January 8th and will be previewed when the top-shots come on stream after the preliminary-round skirmishes. Meantime, the full draw reads as follows - Stephen Heaney (City of Derry) v Jan Biernat (Glendermott); Shay Norris (Oak Grove) v Steve Weekes (Glendermott); Paul McCallion (Shantallow) v Paul Doherty (Letterkenny CYMS); Damien Blee (St. Pat’s-Strabane) v Gerry McKeever (Letterkenny NW); Christopher Gibbons (Letterkenny CYMS) v Anthony McGill (Letterkenny CYMS); Kevin McKinney (Oak Grove) v Sean McVeigh (Letterkenny NW); Colm Quinn (Claudy) v Owen Toland (Shantallow); Davy Clifford (Glendermott) v Keith Shiels (Shantallow); Stephen Brady (Oak Grove) v Christopher Duffy (Letterkenny NW); Joe Sims (Shantallow) v Gareth Kirwan (Letterkenny CYMS).

First-Round - 1. Maurice Ferguson (Glendermott) v Damien Blee or Gerry McKeever; 2. Shay Norris or Steve Weekes v Seamus Cusack (AOH); 3. Stephen Brady or Christopher Duffy v Joe Sims or Gareth Kirwan; 4. Chris Brown (Du Pont) v Colm Quinn or Owen Toland.

5. Glenn Roulston (St. Pat’s-Strabane) v Kevin McKinney or Sean McVeigh; 6. Ralph Dixon (Du Pont) v Richard Long (Glendermott); 7. Davy Clifford or Keith Shiels v Mickey McGowan (Du Pont); 8. Gerald McCloskey (AOH) v Christopher Gibbons or Anthony McGill.

9. Pascal McKenna (Du Pont) v Paul Donaghy (Claudy); 10. Stephen Heaney or Jan Biernat v Phelim McClafferty (Letterkenny CYMS); 11. Owen McLaughlin (Shantallow) v Paul McGinley (Letterkenny NW); 12. Pete Murphy (AOH) v Paul McCallion or Paul Doherty.

13. Simon Cooke (City of Derry) v Aidan Devenney (Letterkenny NW); 14. Peter Doherty (Shantallow) v Phil Porter (Shantallow); 15. Brian Tracey (Du Pont) v Joe Porter (Shantallow); 16. Johnny Connors (Letterkenny CYMS) v Adrian McFadden (Letterkenny CYMS).

Second-Round - (A) 1 v 2; (B) 3 v 4; (C) 5 v 6; (D) 7 v 8; (E) 9 v 10; (F) 11 v 12; (G) 13 v 14; (H) 15 v 16.

Quarter-Finals - (17) A v B; (18) C v D; (19) E v F; (20) G v H... Semi-Finals - (17 v 18) and (19 v 20).

The draws for the intermediate, junior and pairs competitions have also been made and will appear in this column during the next couple of weeks.