Fairview’s Will records highest ever checkout

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FAIRVIEW’s Will Boyle registered the first ever maximum 170 checkout in the history of the Friday Night Estate Services (Iona) Darts League last weekend.

Full results from week 22 were as follows - Arrows 10, Oak 5; Mailey’s 13,Phoenix 5; Dungloe 9, Derry City 8; Fairview 5, Mary B’s 12.

This week’s fixtures are the Mailey’s Bar sponsored Individuals with all bars having preliminary rounds.

The draw is as follows; (Mailey’s) Section A, Board 1 - N.Henry plays the winner of D. Gallagher (D.C.C) v M.Hegarty; C. Heraghty plays the winner of G. Wade v P. Gallagher.

Section B - G. O’Neill plays the winner J. Clancy v C. Aiken; A. Whoriskey plays the winner of C. Grant v Derek Gallagher.

(Derry City Club), Section A - P. Dunne (D.C.C.) plays the winner of H. McCafferty v M. Leech; J. Corcoran(Oak) v Dean Gallagher.

Section B - P. Meenan plays the winner of J. Flood v J. Kirk; S. Brown v L. Hargan.

(Mailey’s) Section A, Board 2 - E. Cassidy plays the winner of B. McLaughlin v N.McGavigan;

S.Knox v Paul Gallagher (Arrows).

Section B - T. Deehan plays the winner of G. Doherty v T. O’Kane; D. McDaid v C. McNally.

(Phoenix), Section A - H. Doherty plays the winner of Paul Dunne v P. Boyce; S. Wilson plays the winner of G. McClean v S. Gallagher; Section B - J. Killen plays the winner of G. Crossan v S. McKeever; J. Corcoran (Fairview) plays the winner of J. Gallagher v M. Wallace.

(Bog Inn) Section A - J. Given plays the winner of P. Oakes v K. McCafferty; R. Orr v T. Nixon.

Section B - M. Harkin plays the winner of R. Armstrong v T. Coyle (Fairview); W. Boyle v S. McElhinney.

(Oak Grove) Section A - J. F. Kelly plays the winner of J. Orr v G. Kelly; J. Nicholl v J. Murray.

Section B - R. McPhillips plays the winner of J.P. McElhinney v M. Healy; C. McConnell v D. Ogilby.

(Dungloe) Section A - P. Hegarty plays the winner of J. Weir v P. Leech; R. Shiels v P.J. McLaughlin.

Section B - Jim Doherty (ToJo) plays the winner P. Brown v J. Mooney; P. Houston v T. Knox.

(Mary B’s) Section A - A. Stewart plays the winner of P. Curran v J. Curran; S. Coyle v B. Collett.

Section B - D. Quinn plays the winner of N. O’Donnell v E. McDermott; D. Adams v D. Kelly.

Players are asked to be in the respective bars for a 9 p.m. start 3x501, one toss.

Mailey’s 14, Dungloe 1 - Postpones Game.

J. McGilloway 180 140 100 (21+17darts): J.Flood 180 137 100x2 (20+17darts): S.Wilson 140x2 100 (18darts): J.Clancy 140x2 135 121 100x3 (15darts) C.Aiken 131 121 100x2: J.Murray 140 100x2: M.McCloskey 140x2 121 100 (17darts): M.Hegarty 100: K.McCafferty 140 135 (18darts): J.Kirk 100.

Derry City Club 1, Arrows 14 (No sheet returned).

Mary B’s 13, Bog Inn 4 - Dean Gallagher 120: S.Coyle 100x3: P.J.McLaughlin 140, 128, 100 2x20darts: Derek Gallagher 140x2, 100x4 (20darts) D.McDaid 140, 135, 125, 100: J.Killen 140x2, 100x3 (20+21darts): S.Gallagher 100x4, 20 darts; J.F.Kelly 100: H.McCafferty 125: J.P.Kelly 121 100x3: M.Harkin 140 100x3: S.McElhinney 100.

Fairview 7, Phoenix 12 - P.Curran 125 100x2: T. O’Kane 140, 100x3: P.Hegarty 100, T.Deehan 140, 100x3: E.Cassidy 140x3, 100x3 (78 finish), D.Adams 134, 100 G.Doherty 135: N. McGavigan 100x2: M. Wallace 100x3: E. McDermott 140x2, 100x3: S. McKeever 121, 100x3: S. Knox 100x2: P.Brown 100, K.Wylie 100x2.

Tonight’s Fixtures

Tonight’s league games are as follows - Oak v Bog Inn; Phoenix v Mary B’s; Dungloe v Fairview; Mailey’s v Arrows and Derry City recieve a bye.

League Standings - 1, Maileys 215; Arrows 212; Mary B’s 209; Oak 165; Phoenix 124; Derry City Club 114; Fairview 103: Bog Inn 93: Dungloe 84.