Gurney targets old ‘Pally’ Chisnell


DAVE CHISNELL may be an overwhelming favourite to progress to the third round of the PDC World Darts Championships but Daryl Gurney is confident of producing a major upset.

Simon Collins reports

The 26 year-old Tullyally thrower takes to the oche at Alexandra Palace today at around 2 p.m. against the world number 12, live on Sky Sports One.

Despite having two victories from two head-to-heads against the Englishman in the past, Chisnell is 1/9 on to make it through to the last 16 stage of the £1 million tournament.

However, with the pressure off having exceeded expectations already with victories over Robert Marijanovic and Andy Smith, Gurney is treating his match with Chisnell as a bonus.

“I was the underdog against Andy Smith and I won that game, so it doesn’t bother me if Dave is favourite,” said the Waterside man.

“I always said if I managed to get through last Saturday and win my two matches, then everything else would be a bonus.

“Dave is a good friend and I have played him twice in a shorter format a few years ago when we were both playing in the BDO Championships and I have beaten him twice,” he added.

“Dave said he thinks there will be some fireworks flying in our game and I have to agree I think it will be a good game to watch.”

And Gurney, who has also played in the BDO World Championships at the Lakeside, is soaking up the atmosphere at the ‘Ally Pally’.

“It’s certainly bigger at the PDC, but having watched it on Sky over the years I knew that before I came over.

“I really enjoyed my first two games against Robert and Andy; I was close to losing to Marijanovic, so when I was walking out to play Andy, I wanted to enjoy the experience.

“I did get a bit lucky as he missed quite a few doubles during the course of the game but I took the chances I was given.”

Quigley Grant &

Kyle Solicitors Darts League

Michael Wallace (Oak A), Paul Boyd (Campbell’s), Declan Rigby (Rocking Chair A) and Robert Murray (Dungloe) all recorded maximum 180s in the Quigley, Grant & Kyle Solicitors Darts League last Thursday night.

The highest checkout was hit by Ciaran McNally, scoring a 100 finish. Scores and results from week 12 are as follows; Celtic 6, Oak Grove A 11; Noel O’Donnell 121,100x4,19 darts; Andrew Barnes 123,100x2; Gary Wade 3x100 (Celtic); Dean Gallagher 134x2,125x2,120,20 dart, Ciaran McNally 100x2,100 finish, James Weir 125x3,102,100,80 finish,18 and 19 dart legs, Michael Wallace 180,140,100x2, Jamie Mooney 140,4x100, 20 darts (Oak A); Dungloe 11, W.Gs 6 - Eamonn McEllhinney 145,140,137,134,121,100,18&19 dart legs, Barry Callaghan 140,100x2, Eamonn Callaghan 140,100,19 darts,. Robert Murray 180; (Dungloe) David Ogilvie 140x2,100x2,19 darts, Kieron Dalzell 121,100x2, Jason Holland 120,100x2 (W.Gs); 
Campbell’s 8, George’s 8; Paul Kane 100x2, Paul Boyd 180 (Campbell’s); Niall Hargan 122,121,100x2, Niall McGavigan140x2,100, Robert Shiels 140,100x3 (George’s) ; Bowery 6, Iona House 9 - Patrick Donnelly 140,100x2,71 finish, Billy Collett 140,100x2,75 finish, David Healy 135,125 (Bowery); Mark Quigley 125,121x2, Ricky McGahey 140,105, Robby Boyd 3x100 (Iona House).

Sully’s 5, Bennigan’s 11 - Colleen Temple 138,100, Gwen Mullan 112 (Sully’s); Garvin Shields 3x100, Tony Breslin 150, James McLaughlin 133,121 (Bennigan’s).

Telstar 12, Rocking Chair B 5 - John Gallagher 100x3,80 finish, Emmett McCafferty 140x2,100x3, Willy Fisher 140,100x2 (Telstar); John Rafferty 137,125,100, Gavin Rafferty 118,100x2, James McLaren 140,100x2 (Rocking Chair B) .

Oak Grove B 9, O’Sullivan’s 7 - Jason Orr 118,100,74&80 finishes, Bobby McLaughlin 140,100 (Oak B), Cormac Brady 139,125x2, Terry Nicholas 140x3, Ciaran McMonagle 140,121,100, Terry O’Neill 120,105,101 (O’Sullivan’s).

Rocking Chair A 12, Abercorn 4; Declan Rigby 180,125, Mickey O’Doherty 140x2,121,100x2, Jimmy Wilson 135,4x100, 18 darts (Rocking Chair A); Ryan Doherty 125,100x2, Daniel Gill 123,100,19 darts, Gerry Mooney 140,100x2, Paddy Brown 123,100 (Abercorn).

The first league match after the Christmas break will be on Thursday, January 3rd.