Mailey’s claim Fours title after impressive victory

The Mailey's darts team, from left, Jason McGilloway, James Clancy, Sean Wilson, captain, and Danny McDaid. Absent from the photograph was Martin Barr. INLS0814-176KM
The Mailey's darts team, from left, Jason McGilloway, James Clancy, Sean Wilson, captain, and Danny McDaid. Absent from the photograph was Martin Barr. INLS0814-176KM

Mailey’s claimed the Mary B’s sponsored Fours competition with an impressive 5-0 victory over Oak in the final last week.

Highlights of an entertaining final were a 122 finish on the bull from James Clancy, a 108 finish from Bobby McLaughlin and a 180 maximum from Darren Coyle.

The Estate Services Darts Committee would like to thank Hugh Doherty and staff of Mary B’s bar for the sponsorship and for the facilities provided on the night.

Meanwhile last week’s results from the Estate Services (Iona) Darts League were; Dungloe 11, Fairview 9; Phoenix 9, Mary B’s 7; Oak 3, Mailey’s 12.

Tonight’s matches are - George’s v Mary B’s; Phoenix v Oak; Mailey’s v Fairview; Dungloe receive a bye.

The league table is as follows; 1, Mailey’s 171pts; 2, Oak 142; Phoenix 135; Fairview 119; Dungloe 107; Mary B’s 107; George’s 74.

Thursday Night

Darts League

Highest checkout in the Quigley, Grant & Kyle Solicitors Darts League for week 18 was scored by Michael Lynch from the Ritz Bar, hitting a 110 finish with Spencer Road neighbours, Gerry Quinn from Campbell’s scoring a 102 finish and Robbie Boyd from the Iona House scoring a 100 finish.

Eamonn McEllhinney from the Dungloe and Terry Nicholas from O’Sullivan’s had the fastest game of the night, both finishing in 16 darts.

Bennigan’s 7, George’s 11: James McLaughlin 100x2, Tony Breslin 100,122, Michelle Breslin 180 (Bennigan’s); George Roberts 100,121, Andy Roberts 100,140, Debbie Arthur 132 (George’s).

Celtic 11, Rocking Chair A 8: James Clancy 100x3,140x2,18&21 darts, Andrew Barron 5x100,121, Noel O’Donnell 3x100, 96 finish,19 darts, Lee Henderson 4x100,123,21 darts (Celtic); Eamonn Rodgers 100x3,125,140x2, Barney Coyle 5x100,19 darts, Mickey Kivelehan 138,140, Mark Hegarty 3x100,21 darts (Rocking Chair A).

Dungloe 11, Ritz 7: Eamonn McEllhinney 100x2,121,140,16 darts, Kevin Buchannan 3x100, John Callaghan 100,84 finish, Jimmy Kirk 2x100 (Dungloe); Richard Rankin 100x3,125,Ryan Kennedy 100x2,125,140, Michael Lynch 110 finish (Ritz).

Mary B’s 7, Oak Grove A 11: Jackie Nicholl 5x100, 140,17&21 darts, Gareth Kershaw 3x100, John Gallagher 123,128, Declan Gallagher 100,127 (Mary B’s); Jamie Mooney 100,125,180.18 darts, Ciaran McNally 100,137,140, David Healy 3x100,140, James Weir 123,125,140 (Oak Grove A).

Rocking Chair B 1, Campbell’s 14: Rickey McGahey 100, 132,140x2, Gerry Quinn 100,140,102 finish, Michael Donaghey 100x2,125, Paul Kane 2X100 (Campbell’s).

Oak Grove B 12, O’Sullivan’s 6: Jason Orr 4x100,20 darts, David Ogilvie 100x3,125, John Given 5x100,140, Eamonn Cassidy 100,123,135, Arty Stewart 100x3 (Oak Grove B); Cormac Brady 100x2,121, Roy Armstrong 100,97 finish, Sean Brown 100x2,121,127,140, Sean Donnelly 100x4, Terry Nicholas 100x2,140,16 dart leg (O’Sullivan’s).

W.G’s 5, Iona House 12: Paddy J Gillespie 132, Paddy Harkin 121 (W.G’s); Rickey McGahey 100,125,180, 19 darts, Robbie Boyd 100x2,125,140,100 finish, Ronnie Moore 5x100, Darryl Loughery 100,123,140, Tom Miller 139,140x2 (Iona House).

Sully’s v Abercorn match postponed.

Fixtures for Thursday, March 6th are - Mary B’s v Ritz; Sully’s v Rocking Chair A; Oak Grove B v Campbell’s; Celtic v Iona House; Bennigan’s v Oak Grove A; W.G’s v Abercorn; Rocking Chair B v Dungloe; George’s v O’Sullivan’s.

Area 10 County Darts

The fifth match of the county darts season, involving North Derry (Area 10) and Belfast (Area 12) takes place tomorrow (Saturday) at 1pm in Murphy’s Bar, Main Street, Dungiven.

This game will be another big test for Co. Derry throwers. After the first four games with two wins and two defeats in a top league, they are sitting in fifth place and with three difficult games to go the county team will be looking to finish stronglyr.

Home advantage in Dungiven for two of the the three remaaining games should gee the players up for a good finish to be nearer the top than anywhere else come the final day on Saturday, May 10th.

The committee thank Sean Millar and his staff at Murphy’s Bar and the other sponsors in SC Tarmacing, ABE Drylining, The Depot, Limavady for their continued support.