Only A Game? Why we all should get behind Murray

Andy Murray (right) and his best friend Ross Hutchins.
Andy Murray (right) and his best friend Ross Hutchins.

The fact Andy Murray is British is not a justified reason for people to say they don’t like him.

To be perfectly frank, to dislike someone simply because of their nationality is not only xenophobic, it’s utterly irrational, stupid and dangerous; it should be challenged at every opportunity.

Andy Murray will walk on to centre court at Wimbledon later today in the hope of claiming his second Grand Slam and his first Wimbledon title.

The one thing standing between Murray and tennis’ greatest accolade is a big Serbian by the name of Novak Djokovic. Be that as it may, Murray’s attempt to claim the title is made even more difficult when people attack him for simply being Scottish and British.

Some English tennis fans despise Murray because he’s Scottish and some of those from Scotland and Ireland can’t stand him because he is sometimes referred to as British. The boy can’t win, can he?

Instead of looking at someone’s nationality and making a judgement about them why not do a bit of research and try to find out what they are actually like?

I think it’s insane that people would say they dislike Murray because of the way he talks or the way he looks. A person should be judged on their on actions and how they treat others, not on their visage.

Murray is a world class tennis player who just happens to be from Scotland - that’s where nationality starts and ends.

If he wins today, of course the British media will champion his success but wouldn’t the Irish media or indeed the Derry media do the exact same if one of their own was to taste victory in any kind of contest?

It’s hypocritical to say newspapers and television shows shouldn’t be proud and boast about Murray, if he was Irish we would be singing from the rooftops.

Unless you follow tennis closely the only time you hear or see Andy Murray is when Wimbledon is on. He doesn’t court attention. For the other 50 weeks of the year you wouldn’t even know he’s on planet Earth.

People in Derry have more in common with Murray than they think. He likes spending time with his family, his girlfriend, playing computer games and watching movies. Surely this is a sign of just how normal a young man he is.

Andy Murray’s best friend is called Ross Hutchins. Ross was diagnosed with cancer six months ago.

When Murray won the Brisbane International title in January he dedicated the victory to Ross and last month, when he won the Queen’s Club tournament he donated his entire £75,000 winnings to the Royal Marsden Hospital - the hospital currently treating his friend Ross.

Immediately after winning at Queen’s Club, Murray took the court once more where he took part in a exhibition match with Boris Johnson and Sir. Richard Branson. The event raised over £200,000 which was then donated to the charity Rally Against Cancer.

If this is how Andy Murray treats his friends then he has my vote. I’ve always been a Djokovic fan but he has already tasted victory at Wimbledon - it’d be nice to see Murray’s name on the trophy later today.