Tributes paid to Duddy

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“Like everyone else I was stunned by John’s decision, it seemed to come out of nowhere. I’ve been a friend of his since our amateur days and I have a lot respect for him. Lets just hope he sticks to his decision. He’s brave and smart enough to know exactly what he’s doing.

“He came so close to getting the world title shot a couple of times but just didn’t get the luck. He was unfortunate but he will be remembered for a lot of entertaining fights that he’s produced in America that’s for sure.”

- Paul McCloskey

“Fighters know when they don’t have it anymore and John has clearly reached that point. He’s a lovely young man who wore his heart on his sleeve in the ring and was an entertaining boxer who had significant wins over Howard Eastman and Anthony Bosante.

“He was just one notch short of fighting for a world title. He was a great, brave boxer who could box, fight and punch well. He could do it all and it’s a shame that he doesn’t feel he can continue.

“He’s done the right thing, if you don’t have the passion anymore it’s time to stop, he’s an intelligent, bright boy and he’s made the right decision.”

- Barry McGuigan

“I was very, very surprised to hear the news. I was shocked but I understood as a former professional boxer what punishment your body takes - it’s not easy. Your coming home at night aching from head to toe and in the morning your still aching. If you don’t do the training your going to get injured or worse. He used to love training and had great passion and dedication for the sport. There’s very few people who have that same dedication.

“But he’s got a wife and a good life in America so he can go off and do other things now.

“I would have loved for him to be the next Derry man to fight for a world title after me. Myself and his father trained him since he was seven so I would have loved for him to get what would have been a deserved shot at the title.”

- Charlie Nash