Only A Game? - Giggs a potential boss? Do me a favour...

Louis van Gaal.
Louis van Gaal.

Manchester United fans have enjoyed the last few weeks.

Liverpool looked set to go on and claim their first ever Premiership title but due to poor results against Chelsea and Crystal Palace it looks like the trophy will reside in the Ethiad Stadium next year.

Manchester United have laughed and jeered at Liverpool fans’ sheer agonising frustration but I wonder have they ever heard the saying, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?

First and foremost, any Manchester United who seriously thought Ryan Giggs a good choice to go on and become David Moyes’ successor should do themselves a favour and take a vow of silence for the rest of their life.

Even thinking Giggs would make a good Manchester United manager should be made a crime punishable by death.

It never ceases to amaze me how United fans adore Ryan Giggs and present him as sort of defender of all that’s good in football when it couldn’t be further from truth.

I’d say Giggs has as much chance of being the new manager of Manchester United as I have of ridding Derry of the tobacco onion.

This idea that just because he played under Alex Ferguson for 300 years he will automatically go on to become a good manager is utter nonsense. Viv Anderson? Paul Ince? Henning Berg?

A falling leaf would have more tactical know how than Ryan Giggs. Come to think of it, a falling leaf would be more endearing and would be more likely to engage you in conversation than Ryan Giggs.

Oh, and if Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes are the answer then I dread to even think what the question is

The most likely man to succeed David Moyes is Netherlands boss, Louis van Gaal.

Van Gaal has been managing the Dutch national team since the summer of 2012 and whilst I would never question his pedigree there is an argument that suggests his best days are already behind him.

Van Gaal is 62 years-old and made his name in club management when he led Barcelona to two La Liga titles back in the late ‘90s and although he has won domestic honours in every country he has managed I don’t think he will take Manchester United back to where they want to be anytime soon.

Van Gaal looks to have already peaked as a manager and although he led Bayern Munich to a Bundesliga title several years ago it doesn’t necessarily mean he should be first choice.

If you’re a regular reader of this sports column then you’ll know that I have great apathy when it comes to club football so it doesn’t really bother me either way who gets the United job.

Be that as it may, if I was a Manchester United supporter I would be calling out for the American owners, the Glazers, to break the bank and make Carlo Ancelloti the new manager.

Ancelloti is without question one of the greatest club managers in the world and I think his philosophy would work wonders at Old Trafford.

If the media is to be believed then my scepticism over Van Gaal’s appointment is futile as a deal is reported to have already been done but at least when it all goes the shape of the pear I can say to Manchester United fans ‘I told you so’...