Hunt for North West snooker’s flagship title cues-off on Sunday

Simon Cooke.
Simon Cooke.

Hugh Brady (Snr) NW Senior Championship

THE 2016 hunt for North-West snooker’s supreme individual title – Hugh Brady (Snr) Senior Championship – cues-off in the Shantallow House on Sunday afternoon coming and continues next Monday night (seven-match programme per session).

Although the eight-seeded contenders are sidelined until round two, Sunday afternoon’s show is nonetheless stacked with rich talent. Five nuggets from Letterkenny’s snooker goldmine are in the line-up, including Chris Gibbons, set to launch his challenge against Waterside’s Simon Cooke in what is the only first-round clash of two players from the elite senior-graded zone.

Chris Gibbons.

Chris Gibbons.

The pair boast some fancy form-lines, highlighted by Gibbons’ brace of Individual League titles (2003-08), while Cooke has silver medal accreditation in both the Senior Championship (2011) and Individual League (2006).

FULL DRAW – 1. Stephen Brady (Oak) v John Harkin (Tracey’s) or Richard Long (Hollywood); 2. Mickey Burke (Tracey’s) or Jan Biernat (Glens) v Anthony McGill (Tracey’s); 3. Sean Devenny (Letterkenny) v Ralph Dixon or Peter Logue (Du Pont); 4. Seamus Cusack (AOH) v Paul Keenan (Top Break).

Maurice Ferguson (Glens) v Joe Sims (Shantallow) or Phelim McClafferty (Letterkenny); 6. Ray Barrow (AOH) or Sean McVeigh (Letterkenny) v Michael Cairns (Shantallow); 7. Phil Porter (Shantallow) or Dean McAleese (Limavady) v James Lyttle (Tracey’s); 8. Gerald McCloskey (Tracey’s) v Danny Harrigan (Shantallow).

Johnny Connors (Letterkenny) v Davy Clifford (Glens); 10. Hugh Brady (Shantallow) or Liam McDermott (Limavady) v Chris Gibbons (Letterkenny) or Simon Cooke (Hollywood); 11. Shea Moore (AOH) or Adrian McFadden (Letterkenny) v Mal McIvor (Tracey’s) or Chris Brown (Du Pont); 12. Shea Conway (Oak) v Stephen Heaney (Hollywood).

Peter Doherty (Shantallow) v Shea Norris (Oak) or Steve Weekes (Glens); 14. Phil McConomy (Tracey’s) or Gareth Kirwan (Letterkenny) v Colm Quinn or Kevin McKinney (Oak); 15. Harry Logan (Shantallow) v Joe Porter or Paul McCallion (Shantallow); 16. Aidan Devenney (Letterkenny) v Paul Donaghy (Oak).

Third Round – (A) 1 v 2; (B) 3 v 4; (C) 5 v 6; (D) 7 v 8; (E) 9 v 10); (F) 11 v 12; (G) 13 v 14; (H) 15 v 16..... Quarter-finals – (17) A v B; (18) C v D; (19) E v F; (20) G v H..... Semi—finals – (17 v 18) and (19 v 20).

SUNDAY SCHEDULE – Ralph Dixon v Peter Logue (2 pm); Mal McIvor v Chris Brown (2 pm); Chris Gibbons v Simon Cooke (3 pm); Gareth Kirwan v Phil McConomy (3 pm); Adrian McFadden v Shea Moore (4 pm); Phelim McClafferty v Joe Sims (4 pm); Ray Barrow v Sean McVeigh (4 pm); Best-of-three frames, the referees are Seamus Gallagher, Harry Logan and Joe Porter.

MONDAY MATCHES – John Harkin v Richard Long (7-25 pm); Mickey Burke v Jan Biernat (7-15 pm); Phil Porter v Dean McAleese (8-15 pm); Hugh Brady v Liam McDermott (8-15 pm); Shea Norris v Steve Weekes (8-15 pm); Colm Quinn v Kevin McKinney (9-15 pm); Joe Porter v Paul McCallion (9-15 pm); Referees – Seamus Gallagher, Joe Sims and Harry Logan.

Round two matches scheduled for Sunday and Monday 6/7 March.