TRIATHLON: Danny Quigley gearing up for Ireland’s ‘Super Six’ Series

Derry triathlete Danny Quigley has been given a chance to exclusively compete against the country's best of the best this year.
Derry triathlete Danny Quigley has been given a chance to exclusively compete against the country's best of the best this year.

Success in Triathlon Ireland’s National Series in 2014 has given top Derry triathlete Danny Quigley a chance to exclusively compete against the country’s best of the best this year.

The 23 year-old personal trainer has enjoyed a steady rise in the rankings in recent seasons and 2014 saw him compete with professional triathletes for medals in National Series races.

Before Christmas Danny was honoured at Triathlon Ireland’s (TI) annual awards ceremony for his success in securing gold in his age category at the Ulster Triathlon Championships and Bronze in the National Triathlon Sprint Championships amid some very tough competition.

As a result of his consistent strong performances last season Danny will now join an exclusive group of the country’s best triathletes in TI’s new Super 6 series. The well known Derry fitness coach and personal trainer has stepped his already heavy training regime up a gear ahead of this season.

“I’m training hard but also training smart, using all the tips learned from my da [the late Colm Quigley] and people like former Irish duathlon champion Bryan McCrystal who helped me achieve my personal bests last season.

“To be able to race with the best in the country and in ‘draft legal’ events is something I’m really looking forward to. It’ll be like racing in the ITU professional races with no drafting restrictions and with just a small group of athletes – I can’t wait.”

The new six race series – which is modelled on the British Super Series, French Grand Prix - will provide some exciting head to head racing for the category one designated athletes.

Danny, whose late father Colm Quigley was one the country’s most respected triathletes and coaches, said he was delighted with his overall 10th place male national ranking in the 20-24 age group last season.

He added: “I was happy with the way it went for me this year and I really enjoyed the season.

“In triathlon terms I’m relatively young and I plan to keep training hard and see what happens. At the minute I’m enjoying my training, fitness coaching and competing so let’s see where it takes me,” he said.

But for Danny winning isn’t everything.

“My real ambition is to enjoy triathlon for as long as I can. Yes, I am a competitive freak and will always strive be at my best. But that said, I’d much rather enjoy triathlon for the next 25 or 30 years than be really, really good for five to six years and burn out or fall out of love with the sport.”

Away from his hectic training schedule, Danny dedicates his time to helping others be all they can be in his role as a fitness coach and personal trainer.

“I really love my job, it’s hard to describe the sense of achievement in helping people transform their lifestyles for the better. I see every day the remarkable results of will power with the proper guidance - people who never ran before completing their first 5K, clients shedding six and seven stone and others managing ten press-ups with ease just weeks after not being able to complete a single one.

“That’s what fitness coaching is all about. Of course I coach triathletes and love that but helping those who simply want to lose a stone, get fitter and feel better about themselves is what fitness coaching is really all about.

“People sometimes get the wrong idea about what personal training is – they should understand that it’s not all about lifting weights in a gym. Many people don’t feel comfortable in a gym environment and that’s fine. If I can get people moving for 45 minutes and eating the right foods at the right times, then they will see tremendous results which will change their lifestyles forever.

“To see people achieve their goals gives me great inspiration to achieve my own. It’s something my da did when he was alive and I get the same buzz from it. He loved racing and loved training but most of all he loved helping others achieve their goals.

“He was a real hero and inspiration for so many people, not least me.”

When he’s not training and coaching, Danny enjoys “spending quality time” with his one year-old son Jack and his partner Sinead.

To follow Danny’s progress or for fitness coaching and workout advice contact Danny on Facebook at Danny Quigley Fitness.