WATCH: 'Only fair' that Santa Cruz fights me in Belfast, says Frampton

Frampton does battle with Leo Santa Cruz
Frampton does battle with Leo Santa Cruz

Carl Frampton insists that it's 'only fair' that Leo Santa Cruz makes good on his promise to fight him in Belfast this year.

The Jackal lost the WBA featherweight world title to the Mexican in Las Vegas last month and now says it's 'only fair' that his respected opponent takes up the challenge to fight the third installment at Windsor Park.

Asked if his next fight will be against Leo Santa Cruz at Windsor Park, Frampton said: "I don't know. You can never get too optimistic in this game. When Leo came to Belfast he said when he beat me, which he did, that he would bring the trilogy to Belfast - the third fight.

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"As the champion, I went and fought him in Las Vegas, close where he's from. I've fought him twice now in the States and I think that it's only fair that he comes here. If we can get enough dough up for him I think that he'll come.

"Who knows? I have a good team behind me and and I think that no matter what to be here at Windsor Park."