An American's A to Z guide on how to speak proper Derry

In a bid to help American fans of 'Derry Girls' understand what Erin and the gang are saying we have created our very own guide for Americans on how to speak proper Derry.

Monday, 14th January 2019, 1:18 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 7:33 pm
Derry Girls series two is due on our screens in March 2019.
Derry Girls series two is due on our screens in March 2019.

Thanks to Netflix, thousands of viewers from the U.S.A. have been lapping up the show's brilliance but some said they found the accents difficult to understand. Fear not American friends, The Derry Journal is here to help with our very own American A to Z guide on how to speak proper Derry.

Aye: Definition: yes. E.g. A person from Derry who has visited the U.S.A. in the past is asked if he/she has been there before, they would answer 'aye, I visited Boston and New York years ago'.
Bars. Definition: latest gossip or news, e.g.: 'what's the latest bars with your son who is living in America?'
Cans (as in bag of). Definition: an alcoholic beverage, e.g. 'When I lived in America I really missed being able to take a bag of cans to the park when the weather was good'.
Derry. Definition: the second largest city in the North of Ireland and it's where 'Derry Girls' is set; 'Derry Girls' writer and creator Lisa McGee is from here.
Eat, as in eat your dinner or else. Usually used with a menacing tone to try and cajole someone to finish their meal. E.g.: 'Eat your vegetables and then you can watch 'Derry Girls'.
Foundered. Definition: a word used to express the feeling of sub-zero temperatures on one's skin, e.g.: 'the winters in New York are much colder than they are in Derry - I was always foundered'.
Gack. Definition: a term of endearment used to describe a foolish person, e.g.: 'Americans watching Derry Girls must think we are all gacks'.
Hi. Definition: an informal way of adding exclamation to a sentence or phrase. E.g. 'did you see Derry Girls last night, hi?'
Indey. Definition: a localised pronunciation of the word into. E.g.: 'My sister is all indey TV programmes from America'.
Join. Definition: to scold or tell off. E.g.: 'My friend's mother said she would join him if he comes home late'.
Kilt. Definition: a localised way of pronouncing the word killed. E.g.: 'I will be kilt stone dead if I don't tape the next episode of Derry Girls for my wife'.
Lurred. Definition: a word used by Derry people to express happiness and delight. E.g.: 'I lurred when I heard there is to be a second series of Derry Girls'.
Mon. Definition: a shortening of the phrase come on. E.g. 'Mon, we need to get home to catch the new series of Derry Girls'.
Naw. Definition: the way in which Derry people say no. E.g.: 'Naw, I can't meet you tonight as I having friends around to watch Derry Girls'.
Oh dear. Definition: a phrase used by Derry people to express surprise. 'Oh dear, did you see the closing scene of the final episode of Derry Girls series one?'.
Poke. Definition: a whipped ice cream, often enjoyed by Derry people when enjoying a leisurely stroll in Donegal. E.g.: 'would like to go for a poke after we finish watching Derry Girls'?
Quare. Definition: a word used to express admiration or approval. E.g.: 'Derry Girls is a quare show - I think it's brilliant'.
Redner. Definition: a noun used be people from Derry when they blush because of embarrassment. E.g. 'I had such a redner when I watched Derry Girls with my granny last night'.
Stews. Definition: Irish stew made in Derry. E.g.: would you like to call around to my house to watch Derry Girls and a bowl of stews?'
Tap. Definition: to ask someone for a lend of something. E.g.: 'could I tap your Derry Girls DVD for a few days?'.
U.S.A. Definition: an abbreviated term used by Derry people meaning Upstairs Altnagelvin (U.S.A.) E.g.: 'I was born in U.S.A. in 1982'.
Vol-au-vant. Definition: a puff pastry savoury snack which originated in France but has well and truly home in Derry. E.g.: 'I had a delicious chicken and ham vol-au-vent while watching Derry Girls last night'.
Wha. Definition: word used by Derry people when they think they have misheard something E.g.: 'Sorry, wha did you say?'.
Ex. Definition: a former romantic partner. E.g.: 'I dumped my ex because he didn't like Derry Girls'.
Yes. Definition: an informal greeting used by Derry people. E.g.: 'Yes John, how are you? Did you see Derry Girls last night?'.
Zoinked. Definiton: a word used to express fatigue. E.g.: 'I am zoinked after watching the entire first series of Derry Girls in one evening'.