Alley Theatre gets ready to rumble this weekend

Ireland’s top wrestling stars are set to take to the ring this Saturday (January 25), in a fight extravaganza sweeping the country.

Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 12:00 pm
Updated Saturday, 25th January 2020, 1:13 am
Super Lucha hits the Alley is bringing one of their spectacular fight shows to Strabane where fans will have the opportunity to watch the rumble as the top UK and Ireland brawlers bring mayhem into the ring.

Among the visiting wrestlers is Super Lucha, the man who has set the Lucha Libre wrestling scene alight in his native Mexico. Super Lucha is famed for his mysterious mask and dazzling high flying skills.

Also taking to the ring at The Alley is Mick Gregor (aka Corey McRae) who is set to leave fans gobsmacked with his uncanny resemblance to Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor. Other wrestlers involved include family favourite and Belfast native Dunkan Disorderly (Grant Davidson), who will be jumping in the ring on behalf of the good guys throughout the tour.

Battling it out alongside the goodies are the meanest, nastiest wrestlers on the planet, The Bloodsucker and The Bonecrusher, who say they want to leave their mark on Ireland.

“There won’t be a man left standing in the ring when I’m done with them all,” said The Bloodsucker (aka Colin Jackson). “Send in your best because I’m going to floor them all. I’ll show the Irish fans just what wrestling is all about.”

Homegrown wrestler Dunkan Disorderly is having none of their trash talk: “Yeah, I’ve heard it all from these so-called bad boys. Swanning around the world thinking they can boss it everywhere they go. As we say in Belfast ‘Aye, dead on, ye chancer!’ We’re going to put these big names flat on the canvas begging for submission.”

For the past decade has brought entertainment to every major town in Ireland, with packed crowds roaring on every move, every slam and every hold.

Promoter, Stevey Reavey, added: “There’s something for children, mums and dads, and we know granny and granddad will be amongst the loudest in the audience. We are bringing larger than life characters, world-class athletic action, thrills, spills and the goodies battling the baddies. It’s a show not to be missed.”

Tickets can be purchased through the Box Office on 028 71 384444 or