Derry band Lavengro’s track won’t ‘Get Out’ of your head

A bout of lockdown-induced writers’ block proved to be a blessing in disguise for Derry indie-pop outfit ‘Lavengro,’ who have just released one of their most raved about tracks to date.

Friday, 12th March 2021, 12:56 pm
Derry band Lavengro.

‘Get Out’ and it’s accompanying celebrity laden video have been garnering rave reviews even before its official release today, March 12.

Recently named as the current ‘Best Song in the World’ by BBC radio, the track is being praised as a radio friendly ‘ear worm’ that you really won’t ‘get out’ of your head.

‘Lavengro’ are Gareth Borrow, Dave Healy, James Healy and Emmet Mc Daid. The foursome had been enjoying touring when Covid 19 hit and Dave told the Journal how he and his twin, James decided to form a ‘bubble’ with Gareth and Emmet so they could continue song writing and performing together.

As they couldn’t record in a studio, the band decided to purchase some recording equipment, as well as a ring light that would benefit video and social media.

“We wanted to create light out of what was a dark situation,” said Dave, who told how ‘Get Out’ was their ‘eureka’ moment when they were song writing.

“We wrote it coming out of writers’ block. The lockdown had happened and we had just come back from tour. We didn’t meet up for a few weeks and decided we would when restrictions lifted. Then, when we did, we found we couldn’t write! We were freaking out, wondering if this was the end of our creativity. But we did a wee camp where we stayed together for two weeks. On the sixth day we were jamming off the top of our heads and came up with ‘Get Out.’ It was written in about 15 minutes. It was like a Eureka moment and we wrote about 10 songs after that.”

Dave said that while the band miss touring and meeting with their fans they have utilised social media to stay in touch and get their music out there. “One of the best things about playing in the band was the live experience and seeing fans. When everything with lockdown got extended we knew we needed to do all we could to stay in touch. Social media is huge for musicians, even more so in recent months. Our management kept telling us to get on Tik Tok but we were half and half with it. But it’s really one of the biggest platforms for music at the moment. So, we bit the bullet in lockdown and jumped on the back of Tik Tok. We started doing a lot of Derry things and just being ourselves, really. The videos are booming, we’re getting 80,000 and 100,000 views and getting our music out there. People have been going from Tik Tok to looking us up on Spotify and so many more are listening to our music.”

Dave told how the band has been delighted with the response to ‘Get Out’ so far, with it being played on all the major radio stations. The inspiration behind it is universal -that person you can’t get out of your head. The video also plays on the ‘deepfake’ idea, with all manner of well known faces appearing - even US President Joe Biden. Get out is available from today, March 12 on all major streaming platforms,

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