Retro Music Festival set to kick off this Friday at the Boneyard in Derry

Live at the Big Top presents RetroFest. The Bank Holiday weekend begins with exciting tributes paid to iconic bands such as Oasis, Erasure and the Prodigy. The organisers say the night will be ”immersed in nostalgia and good times.”

Wednesday, 25th August 2021, 9:45 am
Gerard C with Bez and Micky Doherty who will be performing Erasure classics.

The new outdoor venue is called the Boneyard on the Buncrana Road.

Local DJ Gerard Clarke is performing at the festival and will be joined on stage by cult hero Bez. Gerard says that the return of live music “means everything” to him.

“I think most people are fed up with virtual events and want to get back out and see actual singers, bands, djs, etc, in real venues, with real people,” he said.

The Prodigy Sons. Photo:Colin Bell/

“The same way I want to be out playing in front of real people instead of a webcam. Socialising, dancing and music can only be a good thing. I haven’t been down to see the Boneyard yet, but as far as I know it’s a unique, new, exciting venue with a top class production; so I really can’t wait to play there.

“I’ll be blasting out a load of retro 80s/90s classics, just feel good tunes that’ll make you smile, dance and sing-along too. It’s always a pleasure to share the stage with Bez. I’ve had him and his son Arlo over a few times in the past and it’s always a good laugh.

“The pair of them are such nice, down to earth people and can really get a party rocking with a mix of indie and dance anthems. Bez actually rang me recently and told me he was really looking forward to being back in Ireland, and his son Arlo, who I was chatting to online.”

Baz Black is the drummer from Drogheda based outfit Prodigy Sons. The group will take to the stage to play a well established show. The lads have been paying homage to the legendary band for over 20 years. Baz says they’re the “biggest hardcore” Prodigy fans you’ll ever meet.

“It has been over a year since we have played live, which is crazy,” he said.

“We have been busy in the studio but nothing beats the energy of playing to real people. We have certainly missed it and can’t wait to get back on that stage. We had so many gigs lined up and obviously when Covid hit they were all cancelled. Just glad that we now finally seem to be getting back to where we belong.

“We formed in 1996, officially making us the oldest tribute band in the country. When you come to our show you get the full Prodigy experience, we have a LED screen with visuals, a full light rig, costume changes and we play songs that span the entire back catalogue of The Prodigy.”

The festival begins at 6pm and an 80s/90s theme is encouraged; with prizes for the best costumes to be given out.

Baz says: “It has been super tough on both the artists and the venues and unfortunately a lot of them will never open their doors again. We just have to make sure the gigs are safe for everyone and whatever restrictions are in place are a necessity to getting things open again.

“We take great pride that even if you aren’t a Prodigy fan at the beginning of our show; we guarantee you will be by the end of it.

“Whether you are a punk, a raver or a metalhead, The Prodigy do it all and we truly love getting to play this music for people. See you on the dancefloor.”

A bus shuttle service will be available from McLaughlin Coaches, departing from the Guildhall and returning at the conclusion of the event.

Tickets are on sale at priced £10-£15 + Booking Fee.