These 19 insults only make sense if you are from Derry

It's not just the gift of the gab Derry people possess but also a remarkable talent for bringing heated debates to an abrupt end with insults you are unlikely to hear anywhere else.

By Andrew Quinn
Monday, 24th June 2019, 6:16 pm
Free Derry Corner.
Free Derry Corner.

The following 19 hilarious insults are amongst the most popular uttered in the homes and work places of our beloved city.

Meaning: a very sneaky person; always up to no good.
Meaning: he or she has a head that bears a striking resemblance to that of a scone.

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Meaning: A person with questionable hygiene standards.
An annoying person who does not know how to stop being annoying.
Meaning: a lazy person, usually male e.g. 'you are nothing but a latchico and you couldn't watch you with a bag of eyes'.
Meaning: an ugly person e.g. 'you are so ugly that even the tide would not take you out to sea'.
Meaning: a foolish gullible person.
Meaning: You could do with losing some weight.
If used correctly can end an argument almost instantly. You are suggesting that you are taking the moral high ground - sand clear as the target of said insult could be about to erupt.
Meaning: please go away.
Meaning: Look at that ridiculous looking thing over there.
Meaning: See dirty baste.
Meaning: his head resembled that of a busted sofa.
Meaning: a boastful egotistical person.
You don't scare me - go away!
Meaning: You are not to be trusted.
Meaning: I am not stupid you know!
Meaning: You are all talk and no action.
Meaning: a frail weak person, often male.