Virtual event ‘Live At St Columb’s Hall’ brings venue back to life

As part of a major regeneration project, St Columb’s Hall will virtually open its doors to showcase Ireland’s new musical talent in an immersive 360 experience. ‘Live at St Columb’s Hall’, curated by leading music tastemaker Nialler9, will feature up-and-coming artists Nealo, Jehnova, Soda Blonde and Fia Moon across June 18 and 25.

Located in the heart of Derry’s Walled City, the revival of St Columb’s Hall will see the space reinvented as a cultural campus for the 21st century. For now, it plans to offer a full 360 livestream for audiences to enjoy the concert in the comfort of their own homes.

Despite this transformation, St Columb’s Hall still echoes its established roots as a premier venue in the city’s music and cultural scene. Built in 1886, it has previously hosted some of the world’s most talented performers and creative thinkers including: Emmeline Pankhurst, Eleanor Marx, Roy Orbison and Ruby Murray.

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To continue this momentum and impressive roster of artists, Niall Byrne, founder of the most-read Irish music site Nialler9, has specially handpicked the lineup to showcase the freshest talent Ireland has to offer. While they all have links to Dublin, each artist represents their own unique genres. With a mix of rock, hip-hop, alt-pop and R&B, ‘Live at St Columb’s Hall’ aims to cater to every music lover across Ireland and beyond.

With the pandemic severely impacting the arts and culture industry, the alternatively known ‘People’s Hall’ wishes to reconnect gig-goers and music artists alike who have been craving a sense of normality and excitement. Anne-Marie Gallagher, Project Director at St Columb’s Hall, said: “St Columb’s Hall has been an intrinsic piece of the cultural, architectural and historical fabric of Derry since 1886. We are now in the midst of re-awakening this amazing space. ‘Live at St Columb’s Hall’ will help us to move towards the future of live events, bringing together the creativity and talent of artists with 21st century technology to create unforgettable experiences.”

The new event, which is supported by the Department of the Economy for Northern Ireland and Innovate UK, will take place over the last two Fridays in June, with tickets priced at £8.00 each. Artists and the St Columb’s Hall Renovation Fund will benefit from ticket sales, with the goal to continue creating enjoyable experiences and fond memories for those that visit the historic venue - whether it be physically, or virtually.

Tickets for ‘Live at St Columb’s Hall’ are on sale now at