Art of 3D cinema to be celebrated at Moviebowl

A still from James Cameron's film 'Avatar'.
A still from James Cameron's film 'Avatar'.

The Foyle Film Festival will launch its Spring programme with a special one day event tracing the history of 3D cinema at the Brunswick Moviebowl on Thursday.

‘The Innovation in Cinema: 3D Day’ has been curated by one of the UK’s leading film historians, Professor Ian Christie with support from Film Hub NI, the Film Audience Network and Brunswick Moviebowl.

The day begins with two screenings of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Dial M For Murder, at 10am and 2pm, taking audiences back in time to 1954 when the renowned director experimented with 3D in his adaptation of the stage thriller. It has now been restored to its full three-dimensional glory.

At 7.30pm cinema-goers will enjoy the breath-taking documentary ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’ by German filmmaker Werner Herzog.

The event will close with a 9.30pm screening of the critically acclaimed film, ‘Avatar’.

Martin Melarkey, Director of Nerve Centre and Programmer of the event said: “Until recently 3D has been part of the lost history of cinema. After a brief period of popularity in the 1950s when Alfred Hitchcock created one of the classics of 3D cinema, the technology was written off as a gimmick. Since the triumph of ‘Avatar’, 3D has returned with a vengeance. As well as extending the boundaries of the mainstream cinema experience in blockbusters such as Gravity, 3D is also inspiring art house filmmakers such as Wim Wenders and Werner Herzog.”

Tickets for the screenings can be purchased from or from Brunswick Moviebowl.