Derry film-maker calls for public backing

A CGI pod in space.
A CGI pod in space.

Derry Film producer, Gemma Bradley, has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign this week to raise £4,000 to help finance her latest creative venture.

The funds will go towards helping make ‘Black Box,’ which will be her second feature film made in Manchester, through production company Newfound Planet Films that she runs with Director, Angel Delgado.

‘Black Box’ is a one ­person survival thriller set in Space, in a future when mining asteroids for resources has become commonplace. The movies centres on protagonist Marcus, who has just about survived an accident in an asteroid station and ended up in an escape pod, trying to make his way back to Earth safely with the Black box from the station.

Newfound Planet Films’ first feature ‘Brothers Day’, a crime drama set in Gangland Manchester premiered in The Waterside theatre in May this year. It has been selected for international festivals, had a small theatrical release and it now has been picked up for DVD distribution in several countries and it will be in the shops next year in UK, Ireland, Australia, USA and Canada.

Although ‘Black Box’ is a very different type of film from ‘Brothers Day’, which was filmed across 13 locations in Manchester, producer Gemma Bradley said she and Angel are ”looking forward to working with their team again to build the set and create a little bit of Deep Space to tell this exciting story in.”

The Kickstarter campaign allows movie loves to purchase several levels of rewards that can be claimed by campaign supporters, each increased reward level featuring new and exclusive items.

The campaign has gotten off to a great start and has just hit the 30% milestone but still needs more support to reach the final goal or Gemma and Angel won’t receive any of the money that has been pledged.

The rewards range from a digital download of the film, backer ­exclusive behind the scenes updates, T­shirts, posters and DVDs, to naming a character in the film or visiting the set during filming to meet the cast and crew. In­-film credits such as Associate producer and Executive producer are also up for


Filming will take place early 2016. If you would like to know more about the film and back the project to gain some of the rewards, check out before 10th Dec