How to add a Star Wars lightsaber to your Facebook profile picture

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The time has come to choose between the light and the dark – but as the release of the latest Star Wars film arrives, who will you pledge you allegiance to?

Episode VII - The Force Awakens will hit cinemas this week – and a simple Facebook tool has been produced for fans to show who they’re supporting.

The official Star Wars Facebook account has posted an image featuring Finn, played by John Boyega, with a lightsaber in his hand.

The comment reads: “Awaken the Force within by adding Finn’s lightsaber to your profile picture.”

All you need to do to take part is click the ‘Try it’ button, which will then allow you to overlay either Finn’s blue lightsaber or Kylo Ren’s intimidating, hilted red lightsaber to your profile picture.

Boyega, along with Daisy Ridley, was one of the new faces recruited to star in the latest instalment of the franchise alongside Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford.

In Los Angeles, fans have been camping out for as long as two weeks to be in with a chance of seeing the premiere, which took place last night, or be one of the first to see the film later this week.