Simon Cowell has a dig at Nadine Coyle's solo career

Simon Cowell. Inset: Nadine Coyle.
Simon Cowell. Inset: Nadine Coyle.

Music mogul, Simon Cowell, has taken a swipe at the solo career of Derry singing star, Nadine Coyle.

In an interview with The Daily Mirror, 58 year-old Cowell, hinted that a 'Girls Aloud' reunion could still be on the cards.

Cowell was interviewed alongside Nadine's fellow ex-band-mate Cheryl Tweedy at his château in France.

“I think they ['Girls Aloud'] should get back together," said Cowell.

“‘Why don’t we get Nadine for dinner?...the three of us and we should talk about it.

"I mean Nadine is not exactly storming the charts as a solo artist is she?” he added.

'Girls Aloud' formed in 2002 and stopped performing in 2013.

As one pop music's most successful all female groups, talk of a reunion has been ever present.

Nadine Coyle released her new solo single 'Go To Work' last month. Despite heavy promotion the song flopped.