A cameo role to help Circle of Support

Derry Journal reporter and best selling author Claire Allan
Derry Journal reporter and best selling author Claire Allan

The Derry Journal’s own bestselling author Claire Allan is offering readers the chance to appear in her next novel - and all for a good cause.

The people of Derry are being offered the chance to bid for a cameo role in her seventh novel - which has a working title of ‘The First Time I Said Goodbye’ - with all proceeds from the auction going to Derry charity Circle of Support - which offers support to families of children with Autism.

Claire said she was inspired to support Circle of Support after seeing the local women who formed the charity on ‘Surprise Surprise’.

“I knew Circle of Support were making a considerable difference to local families but I don’t think I realised how much of a difference until I watched their good work highlighted on ‘Surprise Surprise’.

“Being a parent is a tough job at the best of times - but this organisation constantly fights for the best support possible for young people with Autism. The forward thinking way in which they work has really humbled and inspired me and Derry as a whole should be very proud of what Circle of Support has achieved.”

Circle of Support were formed in June 2011.

As well as providing support for families who have children on the Austistic spectrum they also work to raise awareness of ASD and what it can mean for individuals and families.

They have arranged a host of activities, including summer schemes, art projects, autism-friendly cinema screenings and much more.

To bid for a cameo role in ‘The First Time I Said Goodbye’, readers can contact Circle of Support on circleofsupport@hotmail.co.uk The highest bidder can nominate themselves or someone they know for a small role in the novel, which is due for release in October 2013 by Poolbeg Press.

Bids should be submitted by 6pm on Friday, November 30.