Derry divas go green but not with envy!

Live models Terezita Doherty and Nuala Black
Live models Terezita Doherty and Nuala Black

Fashionistas reduced, reused and recycled at a two-day revamping extravaganza in Foyleside Shopping Centre recently.

Sponsored by the Department of the Environment’s Rethink Waste Campaign and delivered by the award-winning Fashion Souk, fashion conscious shoppers learnt how to revamp and update furniture, shop smarter with customised high street investment pieces and even have the opportunity to get favourite old clothes mended for free.

Experts demonstrated how to create waste free herb gardens to reduce waste in your kitchen, while green stylists gave the know-how on prolonging the life of a make up bag and advise on green and waste free trans-seasonal wardrobes.

Live mannequins also modeled revamped clothes to give shoppers an inspirational boost and get the creative juices flowing!

Continuing on after the success of a series of free revamping workshops that took place throughout Northern Ireland in 2011, the event continued to raise awareness of how to reduce waste in our lifestyles and give people the practical tools to breathe new life into old clothes and furniture.

The two-day revamping workshop marathon in Derry demonstrated that, instead of blowing a big budget on buying brand new furniture and clothes, with imagination and a little know-how discarded furniture, soft furnishing and favourite clothes are easily transformed into something new, allowing them to live on in another form.

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