Derry student sells design to Calvin Klein

A sample which Derry student Rebecca Cregan sold to Calvin Klein
A sample which Derry student Rebecca Cregan sold to Calvin Klein

A Derry student has gone one step closer to realising her dreams of becoming a fashion designer, after selling a design to a famous fashion house.

Rebecca Cregan, who is studying textile design at Hereford Art College, sold design samples to American designer Calvin Klein earlier this month.

Rebecca Cregan

Rebecca Cregan

The 22-year-old told the ‘Journal’ said she was over the moon to sell her samples to such a “massive designer.”

Rebecca, who is in her third year of a degree, was given a project to create a live brief, with the prospect of selling it to a fashion house.

“We had to put together a textile design with the help of a company called In Design. They agreed to take the samples to America and four people out of my course sold samples to designers.”

“It is something that is done every year and it’s a great opportunity to get some experience of what it is like designing for big companies.”

“I looked at architecture and other designers for inspiration and when I submitted my samples the people at In Design said they reminded them of Calvin Klein.”

The former St Mary’s College student found out over a fortnight ago that her samples were sold to the very same designer and is now looking forward to seeing how the designer uses them

“The pattern samples can be used for either fashion or interior fabric but it would be good to see it on the runway, definitely. It is a big thing to sell a design to a massive designer like Calvin Klein and they said they were only going to buy designs they were going to use, so hopefully it will be used for fashion.”

Rebecca is focussing on finishing her degree course, and looking forward to receiving payment from Calvin Klein for the designs, but one day hopes to have a career in the fashion industry.

“I would like to go to America to work and my dream job would be deisgning handbags or fashion accessories.”

Rebecca has dreamed of a career in the fashion industry since her school days and said the art department of St Mary’s College encouraged her.

“Art teachers in St Mary’s really inspired me. I always really enjoyed art at school and I knew then I wanted to study art and have a career in design.”

She admits that selling her work to Calvin Klein has given her the confidence to follow her dreams.

“The whole experience has inspired me and given me confidence. I would love to do some work experience with local designers once I finish my course and then hopefully launch my own career.”