eBooks for Guildhall Press authors

Derry company Guildhall Press, one of Ireland’s leading eBook developers, has recruited several top Irish writers for its new digital publishing imprint – ACE Books. The imprint will be launched at Rath Mor Digital Studios as part of the ongoing CultureTech Festival taking place across the city.

Crime novelist’s Des Doherty’s summer smash “Valberg”, already available for Kindle as an eBook, is to be redesigned as an enhanced multi-media package, featuring video, sound and interviews.

Derry author Liam Black is releasing a trilogy of new thrillers on the new imprint - these will be available on the launch day at Rath Mor. And filmmaker and award-winning broadcaster Paul Larkin is to publish his debut novel “The Hidden Nature of Irish Plastic” on the imprint next spring.

Guildhall Press has already converted a range of its fiction back catalogue to eBooks Including work by Felicity McCall, Charlie Herron and Dave Duggan. Managing editor Paul Hippsley said his company launched the new imprint to promote and develop new authors’ work using innovations in digital technology.