Goldin+Senneby solo show opens at the CCA

An image from Goldin+Senneby, M&A, 2013 Installation view from ArspaceNZ, Auckland. (100513JC3 Photo: Sam Hartnett)
An image from Goldin+Senneby, M&A, 2013 Installation view from ArspaceNZ, Auckland. (100513JC3 Photo: Sam Hartnett)

Derry’s Centre for Contemporary Art will tomorrow proudly present the first solo exhibition of Swedish duo, Goldin+Senneby, VWAP, to be shown here. VWAP launches at 6pm tomorrow, May 11, at the CCA in Artillery Street.

Goldin+Senneby’s new project for CCA originates in Sweden, the home country of this artistic duo, circa 1780, when mineralogist August Nordenskiöld was secretly employed by King Gustav III to pursue alchemical research. Nordenskiöld was attempting to produce gold, which in the king’s view was necessary to boost the country’s wealth and sustain a war against Russia. Nordenskiöld’s covert agenda, however, was to make his discoveries available to all; his ultimate aim was to abolish the “tyranny of money” by making gold worthless.

VWAP identifies similar processes at work in late capitalism’s modes of production and accumulation.

A group of sociologists and political scientists at the University of Edinburgh has developed a trading strategy especially for the exhibition at CCA. It’s been ‘algorithmically implemented’ by an anonymous computer scientist and will be tested for the first time within VWAP.

The show also features what’s been called a ‘speculative theatrical script’. It seems the idea is that this script and the new trading model, being tried out in the financial markets of today, means that the show is given over to the mysterious forces of capital that it simultaneously stages in the gallery.

VWAP is part of a series of new productions, utilising the infrastructure supporting exhibitions, such as staff, funding, and administrative supports, to develop algorithmic trading models.

Like many cities, Derry enjoyed a significant industrial and military infrastructure which since has become obsolete. The city, still rebuilding after years of conflict, is looking for new means of sustenance.

VWAP addresses the current financial state of Northern Ireland, and speculates about possible futures for the region, taking inspiration from the Swedish alchemy of the 18th century to test the principles underpinning the proposed digital future of the city.

All welcome at CCA from 6pm.